Career Coaching

What is a Career Coach?

A career coach is someone who coaches their client around work related issues.  A Career Coach can be an independent professional coach, can work as an internal coach, can work for a consulting or change management company or external HR or recruitment firm or they can use career coaching skills as part of their HR profession.

What are the issues career coaches can help with?

Career coach coach on a range of issues working for an organisation or working as an independent coach on:

* identifying skills
* choosing a career
* confidence
* re-entering the workforce
* retrenchment
* organisational change
* career satisfaction
* retirement

Types Of Career Coaches

* Career Transition Coach
* Life Transition Coach
* Men In Transition Coach
* Change and Career Coach
* Return To Work Coach
* Money Fitness and Career Coach
* Resirement Coach
* Life Purpose Coach
* Career Satisfaction Coach
* Career Wellness Coach

* Expat Career Coach
* International Career Coach
* Expat Spouse and Career Coach
* Retrenchment Coach
* Career and Leadership Coach
* Career and Communication Coach
* Confidence Coach
* Career and Leadership Coach
* Gen X Coach
* Gen Y Coach
* Baby Boomer Coach

How to become an career coach?

We find that career coaches often come from an HR or recruitment background and start off adding coaching skills to their existing profession before transitioning out into full time professional career coaching.

Career Coaches often complete an ICF accredited coach training program because the accreditation is professionally recognized.

International Coach Academy offers an accredited coach training program via live teleclasses and an online learning environment and caters for a global coaching community. Our program consists 60 classes per week across all time zones and the program can be taken at your own pace. We have students from over 90 countries in classes making the whole coach training experience a rich one both in learning and networking.

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