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Being a public speaker is a great way to get your message across and speak to many people in one go. It is also a great way to position yourself as an expert.  As a public speaker, your audience pre-selects themselves because they are interested in the topic you are speaking about. After your presentation some of your audience will approach you for additional help and so public speaking is a great way to get leads.

Where can I speak?

As a public speaker you need to offer talks in places where your target market is. So if you are a parent coach you can speak at Kinders or Schools. If you are a business coach, approach your local council and ask to speak at council small business network. Another place to hold public speaking events is your local library, university, service men's club, sports center or club. Basically anywhere where people who are your target audience gather.

What can I speak about?

Don't talk about your coaching business. Decide on a topic that is of interest or value to your target audience. For example if you are a parent coach you could do a talk on dealing with difficult teens or managing the transition between primary and secondary school or how to prepare your child for the arrival of a new baby... If you were a business coach you could talk on how to find the right people to join your business, how to motivate your team, how to develop a creative culture in your business ect...
The idea is to think of a problem your target market might have and do a talk on that. When you are introduced, you mention that you are a coach and at the end of your talk you ask people to come and talk to you if they have any questions and to sign up for your newsletter or follow you on social media if they want to know more...

What if I'm scared of public speaking?

If you are not comfortable about public speaking, you have two choices.

1 - don't do it. Find a different way to get your message out such as networking.

2 - or you can overcome your fears and just do it. When it comes to public speaking the more familiar with a topic one is, the more at ease one will be with speaking in public. You can start small, speaking to a group of family and friends to practice. You can join toast masters and practice there. Its upto you.

Why is public speaking a good way of getting clients?

People do business generally with people they know and like. Speaking in public will give your audience a chance to get to know you and understand what you are about.

Public speaking allows you to hit a large number of people in one go so it can be a time saver.

Public speaking makes you an expert. You are taking about an area you are familiar with and giving advice on the solution to a problem.  This automatically adds to your credibility.

Public speaking opens up new opportunities, you might meet someone in a complementary area or someone who can refer business to you, someone you can help or someone you can partner with... You never know who you will meet and the more out there you are the more likely it is that you will get clients.

Do I charge money for speaking?


Whether you charge money for public speaking or not depends on your experience, your level of expertise where and to whom you are speaking.  If public speaking forms one of your main sources of income and you are an expert in an area, you can charge for your time.  If you are a coach starting out and you are using public speaking as a way of getting know and getting leads and clients then you can do it for free.

You can start off offering talks for free and as your time becomes more scarce and your business grows you can start charging for appearances.

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Virtual Public Speaking...

If you can't hold a physical public speaking event, you can always give a talk virtually. You can run a teleseminar, you can stream live in a google hangout or facebook live event or you can run a webinar.  These live events can be recorded and shared on social media or offered as a download on your website.

Sherri Lukac <br/>Health Coach, UNITED STATES

My most memorable moment of training was during my last week of classes when I was coincidentally asked to speak at a YPO ( Young Presidents’ Organization) meeting. I realized at that moment that the fruits of my labor had finally paid off. I could do it! 

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