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Coach Development Plan

A tool for getting you where you are now, to where you want to be...

Plan Your Coaching Future

Robyn Logan, CEO, International Coach Academy

Would you make a good coach or how can you take your coaching to the next level? Identify the unique skills and knowledge you ALREADY have, and discover which markets or industries have the most potential for you.

Then find the program that will best suit your coaching goals, learning style, timeframe for completion, certification or credential requirements, and budget.

Who will you be as a Coach?

Aligning your life with your values is important for gaining the right employment . Getting a job is great, but getting a job you love is even better. 

At ICA, we know that many students are looking for healthy income streams in conjunction with other outcomes like better personal resilience, improved careers or relationships, or increased confidence.  We know that improved self-awareness helps you understand yourself better and how you respond to situations.

And, it's the coaches who PLAN  that are the most likely to succeed.  We strongly recommend you prepare your plan before you begin your coach training, to be sure the path and training you follow is aligned with your end goals.

The Coach Development plan is an opportunity to explore who you could be as a coach, how you learn best, and what you plan to achieve and over what timeframe. Our advice - be mindful that nothing is locked in stone. Your plan is a guide and can change along your coaching journey.

  • What skills & knowledge do you ALREADY have?
  • What will Your Coaching Future Look Like?
  • Which clients will be the best match for you?
  • What coaching model or process is best for you?
  • What industries or professions most suit you?
  • What type of training program would best suit your learning style?

Get Help Creating Your Coach Development Plan

A question we regularly get asked by prospective students is 'Which Program is best for me? '  Coach Training programs can be like Coaching Services in that they will all offer a degree of 'sameness', but then are different in their quality and certification. It's important you find a study path that will get you from where you are now to where you want to be.  It needs to match your learning style, certification needs, coaching goals, timeframe for completion and budget. 

Each month we'll hold to group sessions where we'll share what we know and have learnt about the questions and information you need before making any decisions.  Each session will cover ALL the topics below, but focus more on one in particular.

  • ACTP or ACSTH? The difference between Accreditation, Certification and Credentialling, and what they mean for you
  • Your Coaching Identity The benefits of creating your own coaching model vs choosing a 'cookie cutter' one size fits all
  • Niching Why it's important to specialise but also have the skills and knowledge needed to coach anyone anywhere in the world
  • Learning Delivery Our learning philosophy and delivery are unique. We'll talk about e-learning and how our programs are both structured and flexible.
  • Community We'll chat about how you connect with the ICA community via classes, peer coaching, mentor coaching, observed coaching and in the private coaches forum
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