Plan Your Coaching Future


Would you make a good coach? Identify the unique skills and knowledge you ALREADY have, and discover which markets or industries have the most potential for you.

Then create your own coach development plan - a road map to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Robyn Logan, CEO, International Coach Academy

Create a Coach Development Plan

We've been training coaches since 2001 and know that certain personality types and backgrounds lend themselves more to the coach approach than others.  And, we know that no matter how well suited you are to coaching, it's the coaches who PLAN  that are the most likely to succeed. And, you should prepare your plan before you begin your coach training, to be sure the path and training you follow is aligned with your end goals.

What Sort of Coach Will You Be?

  • What skills & knowledge do you ALREADY have?
  • What will Your Coaching Future Look Like?
  • Which clients will be the best match for you?
  • What coaching model or process is best for you?
  • What industries or professions most suit you?
  • What type of training program would best suit your learning style?

DIY Online Plan

If you have a good idea about who you want to be as a coach, know your learning style, and are ready to put plans in place then you’re welcome to use our online planning tool to begin mapping out your goals.  Our advice – be mindful that nothing is locked in stone. Your plan is a guide only and can change along your coaching journey.


– Online Coaching Survey
– Coach Development Plan


Personalized Planning Session

We will work with you personally to analyse your unique positioning in the coaching market worldwide.  We will identify who you would like to be as a coach, your vision, your current skills and knowledge, the opportunities for your ideal market and niche and your learning style.

Your Coach Development Plan will be a blueprint to help you set realistic and flexible goals to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.


– 40 minute one on one session with an ICA Faculty member
– In depth analysis of your current situation
– Advice on potential market & niche
– PDF Coach Development Plan
– Access to ICA's private coaching community
– Access to ICA's Niche Development Labs (one months membership - ACSTH)


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