ICA Coach Collective

For ICA Alumni

Your Connection Continues Long After You Graduate

As a coach you will actively engage with clients to help them create deep and sustainable change in their lives.  As such, it's important that as a practising coach you are not only trained and certified, but that you continue to develop personally and professionally.  For this reason, ICA's training is both deep and lifelong. We encourage our coaches to stay connected long after graduation.

  • Alumni Forum. Continue your coaching conversations, and friendships via the ICA forum.
  • Brand alignment - be directly associated with the established and respected ICA brand via graduate portfolio publishing, yearbook, linking etc
  • Specialist expertise. Our faculty all have active coaching practices and will generously share their insights, knowledge and expertise.
  • Continuing Coach Education (CCE's) as required by the ICF to renew ACC, PCC or MCC credentials (ACTP Graduates)

Alumni Forum

Open to all ICA Graduates

The Alumni forum at ICA Coach Collective is a dedicated space for ICA Graduates to connect and share. Continue to the develop the relationships you formed as a student and draw on the ICA Community for resources and support as you continue to grow and develop as a coach.

Brand Alignment

Available to all ICA Graduates

Graduate Coaches can align with ICA's brand as a way of showcasing they have demonstrated the skills, expertise and knowledge required to practice as a coach within their scope of practice.  This includes an ICA Coach badge (specific to level of certification), listing in the ICA Yearbooks and via portfolio publishing in the ICA blog.

Graduate Labs

These include Coach Supervision, Niche and Model Development and Peer Coaching Labs.  Advanced students also have access to ICA's FlipIt facilitation licence resources, labs and classes. Free for the first 12 months, and then available via a monthly membership of $39 USD per month.

Available to all ACTP Graduates (Professional and Advanced Professional)

  • Coach Supervision Labs

    Build your capacity as a coach through these Coach Supervision styled labs. Participate in reflective practice and skill development activities (stop the clock coaching etc).

  • Peer Coaching Labs

    Join the Graduate Peer Coaching Labs where you will get to pitch your coaching services to potential peer clients. Accumulate coaching hours for ACC, PCC or MCC applications or renewals.

  • Portfolio Labs

    Develop and discuss your unique coach identity (coaching model and niche) with ICA Faculty and your ICA peers.

Available to Advanced Professional Graduates

  • Group Coaching Labs & Classes

    Observe and run live FlipIt Workshops with individuals or groups.  Receive feedback from ICA's faculty and your peers.

  • FlipIt Facilitation License

    Co-brand your coaching services with ICA to communicate to prospective clients or employers that you have been trained in the FlipIt Coaching Framework, and have demonstrated coaching at PCC level.

Earn unlimited Resource Development CCE's for your attendance and participation in Coach Supervision (ICA Coach Collective Forum, Peer Coaching Labs and Niche/Model Labs) and up to 20 Core Competency CCE's (Coach Supervision).

Our Graduates Share Their Memorable Moments...

  • Theresa Lambert, CPC Theresa Lambert, CPC Canada
    This program was fabulous and I added so many tools to my Coach tool kit that are valuable both personally and professionally. I have an active coaching practice that I am continuing to build full-time. Website: https://www.theresalambertcoaching.com
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  • Elainia Carpao, CPC Elainia Carpao, CPC United States
    ICA was my "constant" through the pandemic and am forever grateful to be part of this incredible community of passionate individuals striving to make the world a better place. The camaraderie through peer coaching and desire for improvement with our mentor coaches shaped me on my continuous learning journey to become a professional coach. View Website: https://www.changeisheartwork.com/
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  • Marco Parracciani, CPC Marco Parracciani, CPC Thailand
    There have been many memorable moments, lots of genuine partnering between students and lots of sharing and learning with my peer coaches - it's been a very powerful & enriching experience! If I have to pick one event though, it would be when one of the trainers gave me her tough love in my second mentor coaching practice: she was so right & so clear that's been a real turning point for me. Big thanks to all the ICA Coaches for their work !!
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