Welcome to the Transformational and Healing Coaching Group

Leon VanderPol, Transformational and Healing Coaching Group

Leon is the founder and director of the School of Light & Life, focusing on spirit-based, transformational work for personal and planetary awakening. He is a faculty trainer with International Coach Academy and a gifted coach and healer dedicated to helping people awaken to the power of their higher self and to fully living and serving from that extraordinary place.

Monthly Mentoring Call

Each month a group of passionate Transformational Coaching and Healing coaches meets to discuss common issues and challenges, share tips and strategies and learn new skills. The calls are open to new and experienced coaches alike and we welcome both the active participator and the quiet listener. Come along to the next call and meet some of the most wonderful Transformational coaches ever!

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    (Two Time Options)
    First Sunday of the Month @ 9pm NY
    Third Monday of the Month @ 8am NY
    Dial in Code: +1 512 597 6222
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Meet Our Featured Transformational Coach

Alan Seale, Transformational Leadership Coach

Being on the leading edge of leadership and coaching today really means understanding the quantum rules: how life works as energy in motion. So that’s really what we’re here to explore today in terms of leadership, to see what more we can understand about transformational leadership and how to work with our coaching clients in that arena.
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