Health and Wellness Coaching Group

Aleka Thorvalson (PCC, CPC)

As a professionally credentialed (PCC) Life Strategies Coach, blog talk radio host and ceaseless seeker, Aleka Thorvalson knows the challenges we face are, in fact, the inward paths leading to our true purpose and very best self. Aleka’s background in Holistic Nutrition, Eating Psychology, Neuromuscular Therapy, Hypnosis and quantum theory leads her to be a truly holistic life coach. She bridges the gap between mind, body, emotion, spirit, and science, assisting clients on their own paths of understanding and inspiration to realize lasting change.

Monthly Mentoring Call

Each month a group of passionate wellness coaches meets to discuss common issues and challenges, share tips and strategies and learn new skills. The calls are open to new and experienced coaches alike and we welcome both the active participator and the quiet listener. Come along to the next call and meet some of the most wonderful Health & Wellness coaches ever!

Meet Our Featured Health and Wellness Coach

Laurie Runyan, Weight Loss Coach, United States

I had a healthy body, and a deep desire to assist others. My dream since I was a teenager was to become a personal trainer. As I was contemplating this idea, I happened to say out loud to my husband, “Dave, I want to be a personal trainer.” He said, “Just do it!” so, that’s exactly what I did.

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