ICA Alumni

Learn, Connect, Grow

A Lifetime of Coaching Connections and Networks...

FREE for first year  - then $280 USD annually

The ICA coaching community is unique, and stands apart from other communities. The connections, both personal and professional, that are made at ICA last a lifetime.

Benefits of Joining the ICA Alumni

  • Global partnerships and connections - Our coaches come from all corners of the world, from cultures you might never get to experience outside of ICA
  • Access to specialist expertise - Our coaches all come to coaching from areas of extensive knowledge and expertise.
  • Benefit from our Graduate Publishing strategy. We publish and promote Coaching models, Power Tools and Research Papers of our Graduates on our blog
  • Peer Coaching - join the Peer Coaching Program and get free lifetime coaching

What's Included?

  • Ongoing Peer Coaching

    Join the Peer Coaching Zoom sessions where you will be connected instantly with a coach/client in a private breakout room.  Become a client or get a coach in the Peer Coaching Forum.

  • Monthly Coach Supervision

    Join monthly Coach Supervision Calls. Small groups designed to support, challenge and mentor you as a coach. (CCEU’s apply)

  • Lifetime Forum Access

    Stay connected with ICA Alumni from all over the world FOR LIFE. Form alliances, get support, exchange ideas in our Global Alumni Forum.

  • Open Classes & Labs

    Join selected classes and Labs from the ICA Coach Training Schedule and brush up on skills or observe Mentor Coaching in action.