An Industry Survey conducted by International Coach Academy


As coaching becomes increasingly popular around the world, the diversity of coaching relationships themselves increases. Coaches are working with clients across boundaries across cultures and across languages. This can create some incredibly deep, rich and transformational experiences. It can also create some very real challenges. For both the coach and the client.

When the ICF competencies were first developed the majority of coaching happened between English speaking coaches and English speaking clients. And the competencies were written by English speaking coaches.

The ICF now has over 120-plus Chapters in more than 60 countries, and much of the coaching that happens in the world now occurs in languages other than English.

It is this experience we are researching. We are interested in the challenges and strategies used by bilingual or multilingual coaches, and specifically how language affects the establishment of the coaching agreement.

The Survey

This survey is being conducted by International Coach Academy.  The results will form part of a conference paper to be delivered by Rossella Pin (MCC) and Merci Miglino (MCC) at the ICF Converge conference in Prague in October.

International Coach Academy will also share the results with the wider coaching community, where they can be used as a resource to inform the continued growth and development of coaching as a global profession.

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