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Have you heard of the term a 'coach approach'.  Well, it means integrating basic coaching concepts, beliefs and ways of 'being' into your every day life.  Being more aware of how you feel, how those around you feel, and how your approach impacts them.  For example - when you listen, do you really listen?

Active Listening: The Key to Hearing it All

Coaching is a different type of conversation than those we have on a day to day basis. When coaching, the coach is listening intently to what the client is saying and feeling. It is not a two-way conversation as such, rather the focus is on and all about the client. The coach should only share personal information and stories if they pertain to and can help the client.  Read more

Coaching is Not the Goal

Coaching is about finding a solution but that is not the goal. The solution is a by-product of having someone think differently, gain a new perspective, and take action on it automatically. That’s where the shift takes place and the emotions can change from there. As for tools and techniques, the only tool/technique that you need is listening. How we listen, what we hear, don’t hear, that is what coaching is all about. Continue

What is a powerful question?

In coaching we have 3 main areas that make up a powerful question.

A powerful question is one that gives the client greater clarity, awareness, exploration. It is open-ended and they begin with the word “what.” The powerful question has the ability to get underneath the story the client might be stuck in and it can have no judgment on the part of the coach and it comes from a place of pure curiosity. Continue

When is it time to quit your day job?

For many, coaching begins as a part-time job, done in the evenings and on weekends around our nine-to-five jobs. Eventually we fall in love with this amazing process and imagine quitting our day job and coaching full time. This can be pretty scary, but the key is knowing when to make that leap. Merci Miglino talks about the signs that you are ready. Continue reading…

How to structure a coaching session

Here at ICA we believe every coach has their own unique approach to coaching, However, most coaching sessions share a common structure and unfold in much the same way. Watch this video of Merci Miglino as she talks about a common structure to a coaching session. Continue…

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