Welcome To Groups

We have been supporting global coaching communities for over 15 years. Our coaches connect at a deep level in their training at ICA and go on to form strong connections. From small local niche groups to larger languasge or city based groups our coaches support and encourage each other across borders and through timezones.

Coaches Networking Groups


Join a Coach Networking Group to connect with like minded coaches to discuss and explore issues and strategies relating to coaching. This is also a great place to meet ICA Students and Graduates, and learn more about the many different applications of coaching.

Personal Development Groups


These forums are for anyone, anywhere in the world, wanting to rethink the way they think. Conversations, resources and tools to help you set goals, and create positive change for yourself or others.

ICA Coach Training Groups


This area is exclusively for ICA Coaches (students and graduates). These include key areas of training such as Observed Coaching Groups, Study Groups, Alumni Groups etc.