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The Benefits of Coaching are Real and Tangible

Becoming a coach is not just a new revenue stream or change of career, it's a new way of being.   Coaching will give you the freedom and flexibility to decide when and where you work, how often you work, and who you work with.  Students who join our coach training come with the goal of certification.  But, they leave with a lot more than that.  They graduate with lifelong networks and friendships, and a new way of approaching their work and life.

And with our programs - you self pace.  With over 30 classes a week to choose from, you get to choose what days and times you study.  Perfect for people with a busy work or family life.  View Schedule

  • Set Goals and Increase Accountability and get more done with increased team cohesiveness and productivity
  • Lower staff turnover with improved job satisfaction and enjoyment
  • Share the load as you equip your family, teams or colleagues to take on higher levels of responsibility
  • Gain a new respect from your family, team or peers as you showcase your coach approach

Managers & Leaders

Using coaching skills have received some sort of coach-specific training

People and Organisations

Who receive/use coaching expect their coaches to be certified/credentialed


Are of the view that coaching should become regulated.

Service Professionals

Increase in the number of service professionals now adding coaching


Choose training accredited by a professional coaching organisation.

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