Who Will You Coach?

Target Your Clients With Uniqueness

Aligning your life with your values is important for gaining the right employment . Getting a job is great, but getting a job you love is even better. 

At ICA, we know that many students are looking for healthy income streams in conjunction with other outcomes like better personal resilience, improved careers or relationships, or increased confidence.  We know that improved self-awareness helps you understand yourself better and how you respond to situations.

We highly recommend you spend time working out what sort of coach you will be, who your clients will be and how you will connect with them.  As part of ICA's Coach Training we support you with all these things.  Some students begin their studies and develop this along the way, while others already have an idea that they they further develop during their training.  By the time each student graduates they are 'coach ready' with their own coaching model, niche and power tool.

Although it's not compulsory to have a niche, it's highly recommended.  A specialty can be as broad as 'Life Coaching' or tightly niched as 'Equestrian Coaching'.  But, you don't do this alone.  We hold portfolio development labs to help you identify and explore your niche, and our learnsite has a library of resources to get you started.

When Should You Set Up Your Coaching Practice?

For many, coaching begins as a part-time job, done in the evenings and on weekends around our nine-to-five jobs. Eventually we fall in love with this amazing process and imagine quitting our day job and coaching full time. This can be pretty scary, but the key is knowing when to make that leap.

The thought of leaving a full-time job can be jarring. But if the thought of working for yourself, doing something you love, is so enticing you can taste it, then you’re ready to take a giant step forward.  Have a plan. Think WHEN I can quit my day job not IF you will quit. Will you quit your job a year from now? Five years from now? Ten years from now?

Your ICA Portfolio Will Help Attract Your Ideal Client

Students in the Vocational, Certified and Advanced programs define their niche and then create their own unique coaching model and/or coaching power tool.  This is content that can be used to promote yourself as a coach, your coaching services, and the problems you solve.

Create Your Own Unique Coaching Model
ICA firmly believes that every coaching model is unique.  We don't teach the cookie cutter approach, but instead, support students to develop their own model and one that will specifically support how they plan to use coaching.  It's a framework to communicate their coaching expertise and process Read student coaching models.

Create Your Own Coaching Power Tool
Trademarked to ICA, Coaching Power Tools are a this vs that concept.  It's a tool you can use with clients to help them shift a perspective, or see a situation from two opposing perspectives.  The ICA Curriculum has 9 Power Tools, but by developing their own Power Tool, you gain a deeper understanding of the concept, as well as a valuable resource you can use as part of their coaching practice.  Read Student Coaching power tools.

Invest Time in Coaching Research
Coaching Research Papers are an opportunity for ICA coaches to document research they have conducted into an area of coaching.  Your research paper can explore a coaching practice indepth, such as how neuroscience influences coaching.  This is then shared with clients or future employees as evidence of your coaching interest and commitment to learning. Read student research papers.

Some students prefer to do a coaching case study where they get to articulate their clients problem or goal and summarise the coaching skills and tools they used over the course of their coaching sessions and reflect on the outcome for the client.  The case study is an opportunity to put theory into practice and consolidate learning through reflection. Read some case studies.

Plan Your Coaching Future

Robyn Logan, CEO, International Coach Academy

Plan Your Coaching Future?

Would you make a good coach or how can you take your coaching to the next level? Identify the unique skills and knowledge you ALREADY have, and discover which markets or industries have the most potential for you.

Then find the program that will best suit your coaching goals, learning style, timeframe for completion, certification or credential requirements, and budget.