At ICA you will Develop a Coaching Business
that is Unique to You

You will Create a Unique Business Model

The most effective way to make sure your coaching business succeeds is to make sure it is built on your strengths and unique to you. In order to do that we help you take two steps back and first look at what makes you unique as a coach. Because this is what will set you apart from the competition and make you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Coaching Model

Unlike most schools we do not teach a generic Coaching Model (think GROW etc.) We teach you how to create something that is perfectly suited to you and speaks directly to the types of clients you want to coach.

Once you have your Coaching Model defined you can move on to create your Signature Offer; a coaching offer that helps solve the real-world problems and challenge your clients face. When you pull all this together you will have a business unlike any other coaching business.

Our Business
Building Process

  • Start by creating a Coaching Model that draws on YOUR unique strengths and works with your unique client group
  • Then spend some time researching your market and ideal client and identify a specific coaching niche
  • Finally, create a Signature Offer that packages your coaching services up into something your clients are ALREADY looking for
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Before your business cards & before your website you need to identify your business model.

The ICA Business Building classes really helped me create a clear message and niche. The process was perfect and the Trainers all have successful coaching businesses themselves.
- Ange Anderson (ICA Graduate, Australia)

step1Your Passion & Expertise

For any business to be sustainable it has to be aligned with something you love, or care about. Most coaches share a common desire to bring about positive change and work with people to maximise their potential. But there are many areas in which you can do that. Finding the area you are passionate about is important.

You also come to coaching with a lifetime of expertise and knowledge. This does not get thrown away when you walk through the door, rather you can leverage this knowledge and expertise to add to your unique identity as a coach.


step2Niche & Ideal Client

Coaches sometimes find it difficult to define one single niche because they might have more than one "target group" of people that they work with. And that's fine. This step is about your marketing, not about who you choose to coach. It is well known in business that the tighter you can package your message the more chance you have of attracting clients.

It is also important to define your ideal clients so you can work on attracting them to your practice.

step3Coaching Model

Your Coaching Model is at the heart of your business. It describes the way you coach and the philosophies and theories that underpin your process. Our course on Coaching Frameworks & Theories is a great way to begin to identify your model. Are you influenced by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, or Appreciative Inquiry, or Brain Based pr Systems coaching? As yo begin to answer these questions for yourself your Coaching Model will emerge.

Once you have identify your model you can use it to promote you coaching services to your ideal client.

step4Signature Offer

Your Signature Offer is critical; it's what makes you stand out from the crowd. It helps you package your services into an offer that your clients not only want, but are actively looking for.

Your niche, target market and coaching model will all be present or underpin your Signature Offer and the offer itself will be something that actively helps your ideal client with their issues or challenges.

step5Business Model

You most likely decided to become a coach because you wanted to make a difference, wanted to create a new or additional revenue stream, or a combination of both.  Your passion will be at the core of your motivation.  But, there must also be a ROI for your time and investment; what do you hope to get back, and in what time frame?

A business model is a description of the way you will generate income. Will it be predominantly one on one coaching? Group coaching? A blend of the two?

The 3 biggest mistakes we see coaches making:

  • 1

    Selling Coaching

    It's so tempting to sell your coaching, especially when you are a new coach freshly graduated. It's totally understandable to be proud of the business you are creating and want to tell the world about it. The problem is - your potential clients are not looking for YOU. They don't even know you exist. They are looking for a solution to their problems.

  • 2

    Being everything to everyone

    Most people who are drawn to coaching have a range of skills and knowledge, have worked in a rangle of professions and industries and could potentially coach multiple types of people in multiple indistriues
    Most people who are drawn to coaching have a range of skills and knowledge, have worked in a rangle of professions and industries and could potentially coach multiple types of people in multiple indistriues

  • 3

    Waiting too long

    Most coaches want to wait until they are certified before launching their business. Not only is this unnecessary, it is also not a good idea at all. Many clients are very happy to work with a coach-in-training for a slightly lower fees and the more coaching you can do while you are in training the better. You get to take your experience into class, get feedback, reflect and improve. It is a win/win.

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