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Accredited with the International Coach Federation since 2004. Short Courses (3 month) or full certification (up to 2 years).


Graduate with an International Designation, and the option to pursue an ACC or PCC credential.

Study Mode

E-learning with classes, labs, peer coaching, private coaches forum.  Learnsite open 24/7.


Option to pay via an interest free payment plan (12 month) or single payment with a fee saving.  

You probably already have what it takes to be a GREAT Life Coach.

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    Coaches need to be highly flexible and be open to change and possibility.

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    Innate Curiosity

    As a coach you will focus on the client and be curious. This often means 'unlearning' the approach of consulting, teaching or telling.

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    Intuitive Change Maker

    Coaches are creative, in the moment and focused on the future rather than the past.

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    The Courage to Look Within

    We teach all our coaches to first try their new skills on themselves. Self coach, then coach others.

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    A Growth Mindset

    Walking in the door as a 'perfect' coach on day one doesn't help your development as a coach, You need to try, learn and practice.

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We help you find the program that best matches your Coaching goals, timeframe for completion, and budget.

Becoming a Life Coach is not just a new revenue stream or change of career, it's a new way of being. Coaching will give you the freedom and flexibility to decide when and where you work, how often you work, and who you work with.

As part of ICA's Coach Training you will have 24/7 access to the Learnsite including learning materials, module downloads, curated resources, class schedules, peer coaching networks, and a private coaches forum with global networks and friendships. And with our programs you can either fast track or take your time. There's morning, afternoon, evening, weekday and weekend classes, meaning you choose what days and times you study. Perfect for people with a busy work or family life.

Career Pathways

Life coaches work with clients in a range of settings, some in face to face meetings but the majority via phone coaching. This means you are unlimited in your client possibilities - you can coach clients from all over the world. You can also be located anywhere in the world and take your business with you as you travel. Life coaching is an incredibly flexible, rewarding career.

The career paths for life coaches are increasing in all industries as more and more people become aware of the benefits of a wholistic approach to work and life. Organisations and institutions are investing in building better workplace cultures and creating better work/life balance. Government initiatives are emerging that are built around workplace wellness, helping staff do what they do better and with more motivation. In addition to the opportunities being created inside workplaces there is a strong and growing field of independent Life Coaches working wth individuals, groups and teams.

Learn Coach Skills

Many of the skills you will learn as a coach are actually life skills and can be used to add value to everyday life. You will learn the difference between coaching and other forms of “helping” such as consulting, mentoring, training, therapy etc. We also teach you the various influences that have created and impacted the development of coaching, and we cover the main skills and attributes required to be a coach. You will learn the power of releasing judgement, identifying your underlying beliefs and the importance of self confidence.

Flexible Study Options & Program Pathways for Life Coaches

Our programs are designed to grow with you and your coaching goals.

All Our Life Coaches Develop a Unique Niche

Browse the Research Topics of our Life Coaches to get a feel for the range and diversity of coaching applications.

Life coaching is probably the broadest area of coaching and includes literally hundreds of coaching niches such as Relationship Coaching, Parent Coaching, Confidence Coaching, Sober Coaching, Adoptions Coaching, even Pet Coaching. In response to this more diversified market, all our coaches conduct specialised research and develop their own coaching niche and model.


  • Rachel Bloom, Performance Development Coach, AUSTRALIA


    I coach people to be the best version of themselves, to have confidence in their abilities and feel proud of themselves so that they can build their teams and take others to places they haven’t been before.


    I see my coaching applied in many environments or areas of my life, but for now I will focus on new and middle management in the Not For Profit sector.


    LinkedIn Profile
    Rachel Bloom Research Paper 1200
  • Paul Chang


    It is difficult to pinpoint a moment because the learning was a gradual process. However, I remember when I was able to make the comparison between my first coaching session (in which I had to stop because I was so stuck) to my sessions now, when I can be in a state of flow and the questions come effortlessly. I am immensely proud of how far I have come.


    LinkedIn Profile
    Paul Chang Research Paper 1200
  • Lulu Cook, Health Coach, AUSTRALIA

    As a credentialed dietician, I have already been applying the coach approach to support my clients in reaching and exceeding their health goals. I really see that they have the answers already within them to respond to their own obstacles in creative ways that may never have occurred to me. Applying my ICA coaching skills has made me more effective at supporting my clients to eat better, move more, and embrace healthier lifestyle fundamentals.
    Lulu Cook Coaching Research Paper 1200
  • Minpreet Jongkees, Health Coach, AUSTRALIA

    I have so many great memories from ICA! They came with the stages. The beginning was eye opening being a part of the ICA community. The friendships that have formed have been lifelong, and the knowledge gained has been invaluable! It has changed my life forever. Through Peer Coaching I was able to get back to putting myself #1. The Mentor Coaching was scary, and yet had to be done, and then amazing feedback allowed my biggest improvements to happen.
    Minpreet Jongkees Untitled Page


  • Phoebe Charn, Life Coach, FRANCE

    It is an unforgettable self-discovery journey. I have learned so much about myself just by learning how to coach and to be coached. Coaching has taken me out of my comfort zone to face some of my fears and limiting beliefs. It is a deeply personal experience. My training with ICA is valuable and enriching to my life.
    Phoebe Charn Research Paper 1200
  • Erica D'Angelo, Wellbeing Coach, ITALY

    My most memorable moment was Observed Coaching which was one of the most empowering experiences of my life I plan to develop myself as a wellbeing consultant and certify as an in-horse-assisted coach for both business and individual coaching programs. I plan to complete my professional figure of wellbeing consultant and certify as an inhorse assisted coach for both business and individual coaching programs.
    Erica DAngelo Research Paper 1200
  • Michael Colson, Executive Coach, SWITZERLAND

    First and foremost, the incredible faculty. Their wisdom, insights, and warmth made the journey a fascinating and challenging one through which I grew tremendously. Second, so many of my fellow students, several of whom have become close friends, ongoing peer coaches, and confidantes. Third, overcoming the apprehension of mentor coaching and observed coaching -- again, in both contexts, our instructors made sure they were fantastic learning opportunities. Finally, the community that the ICA manages to create. I've interacted with fascinating people from around the world with whom we now share a common ICA bond.
    Michael Colson Case Study 1200
  • Natalia Pinkowska, Yoga Life Coach, POLAND

    The ICA journey is one big memorable moment! It gave me more than my coaching workshop! It helped me to discover myself at even deeper levels. I wish to honor the great teaching program with an open-minded approach. Therefore, the most valuable experience is the supportive and empowering community of mentors and students. Thanks to this the journey got such an incredible outcome and I'm deeply grateful for that! Thank you!
    Natalia Pinkowska Research Paper 1200
  • Natalie Bane, Executive Coach, GREECE

    I have so many beautiful moments to remember. If I were to choose though, that would be the beautiful relationships with my fellow students as well as members of the ICA faculty. I could never have imagined having real friendships that I actually made online.
    Natalie Bane Research Paperr 1200
  • Helena Nord, Life Coach, DENMARK

    My most menorable moments when training with ICA, would have to be the peer coaches that I have met online, from all over the world, when training our newly learned coaching skills.
    Helena Nord Untitled Page 1


  • Xiu Yu Feng, Career & Executive Coach, USA

    I loved the build-up from Peer Coaching to Mentor Coaching to Observed Coaching to Oral Exam which provided me with the gradual increase in confidence I needed. I feel I can do this professionally in any niche of coaching now. Also, the trainers were so versatile and accomplished in how they taught and guided us the whole time. I plan on starting my own coaching business to work with high school and college students while also working as a consultant with school leaders to develop coaching programs in more schools.
    Xiuyu Feng Coaching Research Paper 1200
  • Padraic O'Donnell, Educational Coach, USA

    My memorable moment was he build-up from peer coaching to mentor coaching to observed coaching to oral exam which provided me with the gradual increase in confidence I needed. I feel I can do this professionally in any niche of coaching. Also, the trainers were so versatile and accomplished in how they taught and guided us the whole time. I plan on starting my own coaching business to work with high school and college students while also working as a consultant with school leaders to develop coaching programs in more schools.
    Padraic ODonnel Research Paper 1200
  • Elaina Carpino, Executive Coach, USA

    ICA was my "constant" through the pandemic and I am forever grateful to be part of this incredible community of passionate individuals striving to make the world a better place. The camaraderie through Peer Coaching and desire for improvement with our Mentor Coaches shaped me on my continuous learning journey to become a professional coach. In comparison to my undergraduate and graduate education, going through ICA was the most humbling experience of my career as there was much "unlearning”. I sincerely feel that not only am I now a coach in practice, but also a better, wholehearted person because of my education, practice, and journey through ICA.
    Elaina Carpino Research Paper 1200
  • Halina Matsarskaya, Leadership Coach, USA

    ICA community is simply my crowd - we speak different languages, but we are true soulmates here! The friendship I have made while working with my peers is timeless. What’s more, the ICA Trainers’ wisdom and the learning resources we are privileged to have access to are priceless. I am so excited to launch my own coaching practice with the Leadership Presence and Confidence focus.
    Halina Matsarskaya Untitled Page


  • Isabelle Boucher, Adults with ADHD Coach, CANADA

    I was participating in a mentor coaching session as a client during one of Razan's classes. My peer coach had great energy. We had the best time joking and laughing through the session while coaching. The ICA community is simply one of my favourite. I hope to start my own private practice to offer coaching services. My hope is that I can work with adults to help them move forward within their workplace so that their lives can improve in these unprecedented pandemic times.
    Isabelle Boucher Coaching Research Paper. 1200
  • Shawn Harvey, Life Coach, CANADA

    The great friendships made along the way. My peers were the greatest support in a season of upheaval with the pandemic, unemployment and the feeling of loss of community, it was the coaches that created a place where I felt part of something bigger. I loved working with coaches from all around the world. To help develop the staff at my church, and to build a second job helping small business owners and managers navigate staffing issues.
    Shawn Harvey Coaching Research Paper 1200
  • Aysen Arikan, Performance Coach, CANADA

    Learning coaching in such a professional and credible institution like ICA is an experience that will be always memorable for me! The most memorable moment was one of Lorna's mentor coaching class where I finally found the courage to coach someone for the first time in my life. That day is still so vivid in my mind. I was shaking when I was done. The best part that put the smile on my face today is how all ICA instructors are so direct and supportive to you. They encourage you to grow and they never judge you. Thank you ICA!
    Aysen Arikan Case Study 1200
  • David Braun, Executive Coach, CANADA

    I really enjoyed the month of Observation Coaching. I am grateful for the learning moments and the feedback on ways I could improve my coaching. I will continue to Executive and Performance Coaching for leaders in various organizations. I will continue to Executive and Performance Coaching for leaders in various organizations.
    David Braun Research Paper 1200
  • Delores McWilliam, Christian Life Coach, CANADA

    The mentor coaching sessions were fantastic. As a mentor coach, I was able to learn and then exercise my skills under great instructors and as a client, I had many, many moments of incredible self-awareness that I have used to better my future. ICA training is an excellent program to become a professional coach and I am very glad I chose to enroll.
    Delores McWilliam Untitled Page


  • Stephanie Uribe, Wellness Coach, SOUTH AFRICA

    For me, I loved all the classes and experiences, but I would have to say my most memorable moment is meeting all the amazing people from ICA through the peer coaching we would do together. It was wonderful. My second favorite moment was the support I got during my observed coaching. I had hip surgery the second week into it and was supported helping me through and encouraging me throughout.
    Stephanie Uribe Coaching Research Paper 1200
  • Frank Owiredu-Yeboa, Business Coach, GHANA

    Many memorable moments. Great content with the theory classes, Nervousness with the Mentor coaching, excitement at the Observed and challenging with the project work. Many exciting moments really. I will practice my coaching skills within the organization in which I work for the time being. My focus will be on performance improvement with staff who have been put on a performance improvement plan. I also intend to run a few seminars and workshops.
    Frank Owiredu Yeboa Coaching Research Paper 1200
  • Kombe Temba, Life Coach, ZAMBIA

    My most memorable moment was during a mentor coaching class where the trainer encouraged us to hold onto the coaching agreement throughout a session, to ensure that we serve the client. I'll never forget the picture she painted of a bunny rabbit going down into a rabbit hole, and being gently pulled out by its tail to get it back on track! I actually keep that image in mind as I go into every coaching session now! I plan to use coaching in my business and different areas of my life. I believe that listening with an open heart and mind, holding space for others to be their authentic selves and starting from a place of not knowing are valuable gifts I can give my friends and loved ones.
    Kombe Temba Research Paper 1200
  • Alison Rakotonirir, Career Coach, MADAGASCAR

    During observed coaching, I understood that I need to step back and let the "client do the work." This ties back into my overarching learning that there is rhyme and a reason to the coaching process, to goal meeting vs. goal setting and really seeing how I can leverage pure coaching and my certificate in applied positive psychology to support my clients. I work with individuals on career development and leadership confidence, helping them to define their professional narrative and direction with confidence and joy. This support may include resume writing support, LinkedIn strategy, pivot coaching, Life and Leadership Coaching. My studies as a coach will serve to support me in further supporting my clients to play big and go after their goals and dreams, with a particular emphasis on supporting the growth of socially emotionally strong and competent leaders. In my Coaching, I consciously support individuals from diverse and often underrepresented backgrounds who are ready to up-level (or re-engage) their careers.
    Alison Rakotonirina Power Tool 1200
  • Florence Adu, Life Coach, GHANA

    My most memorable moment was arranging and meeting up with a fellow ICA student I had met on a Zoom class. We met in Kenya, whilst on a business trip. I also met up with another Africa based student, who had been my Peer coach. She came to Ghana for a work assignment. We had a lovely lunch together. Forever Friends!
    Florence Adu Research Paper 1200


  • Samanjit Seely, Leadership Coach, THAILAND

    My memorable moment of my ICA training was the strong community of the class coaches, a lot of support, challenge and encourage from trainers. I love how you add the peer coaching in the program. I know many incredible people from this program. I want to develop and increase more number of the leaders both in the client's company and with my own organization.
    Samanjit Seely. Coaching Research Paper 1200
  • Robert Letchford, Leadership & Organizational Development Coach, MYANMAR

    Just meeting so many great people online and receiving huge support from everyone to complete the program during very difficult times. COVID and a Military Coup!! I am currently working on becoming an accredited Neuro Change Practitioner and working with clients (individuals/corporates) in this space to assist with leadership and organizational development.
    Robert Letchford Research Paper 1200
  • Jenny Toh, Christian Life Coach, SINGAPORE

    My most memorable moment is going through Observed Coaching. It was a very rich learning experience. I'm truly grateful for this entire learning journey with ICA. I've already started my coaching practice and intend to make coaching my core profession. My training with ICA has given me the high quality coaching skills due to the Mentors' dedication to raise each student's potential to be amazing coaches! Thank you, ICA!
    Jenny Toh Research Paper 1200
  • Daniel Chng, Executive Coach, MALAYSIA

    My memorable moment was during my Observe Coaching. Our trainer was tough but it made us stronger and more knowledgeable. It helped me tremendously in being a better coach. Thank you. I plan to use my coaching skills to help future leaders grow and access their own inner strengths to lead with vision, passion and empathy. I plan to use my coaching skills to help future leaders grow and access their own inner strengths to lead with vision, passion and empathy.
    Daniel Chng Research Paper 1200
  • Benjamin Hung, Life Coach, HONG KONG

    My most memorable moment was when I had my first successful mentor coaching session. I had previously struggled with putting theory into practice and I was wondering how everything was going to fit together. The trainers were very encouraging each time and they suggested that I keep persevering and learning and that things were going to come together. When that finally happened, it was a very memorable moment. I plan to use my coaching across a range of areas. I plan to include it in the mentoring that I undertake at church and the various support groups that I lead. I also hope to eventually use it in a professional context, in particular with small business owners or those who are considering a career change.
    Benjamin Hung Research Paper 1200
  • Mihoko, Kobayashi, Leadership Coach, JAPAN

    My greatest assets are my peers who encourage and motivate me toward my progress of study and also empowered me by sharing my positive points as a coach. I am really grateful to meet them. I will use my learning at ICA within my daily corporate life. I am working in a multicultural environment with a lot of diversity. I believe my coaching skills will be a good caliber to connect people toward reaching the common goal.
    Mihoko Kobayashi Research Paper 1200


  • Rony Elklayany, Performance & Executive Coach, LEBANON

    It was my last Observed Coaching session. It was so rewarding and so motivating to reach this end and look back on all the progress I did since I started my program. So grateful for all the learnings I got about myself as well as the coaching world and skills in general. I will be launching my coaching services to help Executives and Employees to improve their performance. Highlighting the importance of coaching on our personal development, as well as our overall performance.
    Rony Elklayany Coaching Research Paper 1200
  • Tina Jarrous, Relationship Coach, LEBANON

    I just loved the diversity among students and faculty. The global experience, the method of teaching and the beautiful open spirit is something that will stay with me forever. A truly remarkable period in my life. Coaching will be my new business and my primary profession. It will be helping clients to become a better version of themselves, to overcome challenges, reach solutions and live a more fulfilled life.
    Tina Jarrous Research Paper 1200
  • Ali Taqi, Life Coach, BAHRAIN

    The crown jewel of the whole experience would definitely be the Observed Coaching. It was a mix of stress, learning, and fun. But you will only feel it in the last session when your closing that chapter, and get this bit of sadness letting go of the group. Other than that I would definitely say the ICA community is by far the best part of the experience. Those relationships develop from peers or instructors to friends.
    Ali Taqi Research Paper 1200
  • Wendy Yaniv, Transition Coach, ISRAEL

    With Lorna Poole when she told the story of a client that seemed like the exact mirror image of herself, coming to discuss a situation that Lorna has also been through. The learning that Lorna shared was that her greatest challenge was to remain curious even though this woman was "exactly" like her! At the end, the woman's chose a process that was completely different than Lorna and it was perfect for her. It was such an eye opening situation in that we should never imagine that we know what's right for someone else ... even if it appears that we have experienced exactly the same. Lorna was a wealth of information, always with humor and always offering kind, effective, targeted feedback. Would like to use my coaching skills within the Expat community as well as with people who are going through personal transitions in life. I will be volunteering to coach young soldiers that are transitioning back into civilian life.
    Wendy Yaniv. Coaching Research Paper 1200
  • Priya Lakshmi, Leadership Coach, BAHRAIN

    My entire one-year journey with ICA was memorable. The enthusiasm with which I joined and started my first class remained and still continues. The classes were so interesting that I remained motivated through out! It was even more interesting and challenging to attend the classes with the 2 year old next me :). I found a purpose for my life with coaching – How satisfying it feels when someone tells me they achieved happiness, because of me! Woow.
    Priya Lakshmi Untitled Page
  • Ghaya Al Barwani, Corporate Coach, OMAN

    My most memorable moment was the time spent discovering myself through the exercises and assignments. I mainly aim to use Coaching within the Corporation I am in to enhance the development and growth of employees.
    Ghaya Al Barwani Untitled Page


  • Prasad Dandekar, Life Coach, INDIA

    ICA training &especially peer coaching allowed me to know myself better. The biggest "Aha!" for me was when a peer coached made me see that "I am enough". It was a life-changing moment for me! As a Coach & an Oncologist, I wish to use my coaching skills to help cancer patients move from surviving to blossoming in their life. I wish to help them explore their potentials and move forward in life from the trauma of cancer diagnosis.
    Prasad Dandekar Coaching Research Paper 1200
  • Anant Sharma, Executive Coach, INDIA

    When I started in April 2020 I thought I knew everything. In theory classes I still carried that impression. Then came labs where I thought maybe I need to unlearn and then learn again. Then came Mentor Coaching, my first session was a huge disaster but then I gradually learned what it takes to coach. By the time I finished my sixth session I thought I have arrived as a coach. Then came Observed Coaching which opened an altogether new perspective for me as a coach. All in all a greatly enriching experience.
    Anant Sharma Research Paper 1200
  • Radhika Bhalerao, Wellness Coach, INDIA

    Coach Supervision and Observed Coaching were such a wonderful times. The growth was almost tangible and the community feeling was excellent. I do not have one memorable moment as such, just the entire journey has been great. I hope to set up a practice which stays true to the ideals of coaching: helping people thrive. My plan is to continue learning different aspects of coaching and encourage more and more people to explore it for themselves.
    Radhika Bhalerao Research Paper 1200
  • Rachna Mimani, Transformational Coach, INDIA

    Each class that I attended was eye-opening and made me learn, reflect and overcome my barriers in a number of areas of my life. the classes helped to work as on my competencies and the mentors were equally enlightening. I had an amazing time completing my course. All I have to do is say Thank you ICA for giving us world-class education and community where I made great friends.
    Rachna Mimani Research Paper 1200
  • Sunil Chhibar, Executive Coach, INDIA

    The entire journey through ICA is a memorable one. Learning in classes with learned and experienced trainers proved a rich value addition. My heartfelt gratitude to ICA team for creating the best and a unique all inclusive coach training academy!
    Sunil Chhibar Untitled Page
  • Shripad Ranade, Leadership Coach, INDIA

    I am passionate about helping executives and business leaders to discover and reach their true potential. I plan to offer leadership coaching in conjunction with management consulting. I strive to understand not only the leader I am coaching, but also his/her role in the organisation, and the organisation itself. Often, because of my background, I have “been there” and can efficiently understand the context.
    Ranade Shripad Research Paper


  • Terri Cheong, Life Coach, MALAYSIA

    ⾮常感恩在ICA学习的旅程中认识了很多优秀的导师和同侪,跟他们的相遇和相识是我在ICA学习的其中⼀⼤收获。 我计划带着使命成为⼀名全职的教练,帮助⼈释放他们的潜⼒,突破盲点,不断超越⾃我,去发现更多的可能性。
    Terri Cheong Research Paper 1200 768x768 1
  • Ruanling Chen, Life Coach, HONG KONG

    Ruanling Chen Coaching Research Paper 1200 768x768 1
  • Kevin Pon, Transformational Coach, TAIWAN

    Kevin Pon Power Tool 1200 768x768 1
  • Lei Wang, Life / TCK Coach, CANADA

    三年半的ICA学习跨度,期间有发生有很多变动,包括自己的变动,ICA的变动,大环境的变动,而对教练学习的心在这些变动里变得越来越坚实,这是ICA这趟旅程给我的最美好的礼物。突然想起当初在不知教练为何物的时候,谷歌搜索之下,选择了ICA。冥冥中,一切都有自己的时机。目前我已建立个人公司,继续开拓及服务1:1客户,并且准备在现有的工作及项目中,穿插教练的技术。 透过其他项目及案子的合作,继续推广教练业务。 且通过持续教练、督导、及其他团体学习、同侪练习,保持精进状态,个人功课及教练能力上不止步。
    Grace Lei Wang Coaching Case Study 1200 768x768 1
  • Ling Yang, Entrepreneurship Coach, CHINA

    在ICA学习中最难忘的就是连续5周的高压状态的观察下的教练,发生了神奇的化学变化。感谢导师,感谢同侪。1、成为一名创业教练,持续为创业者服务,帮助他们稳定提升心力,达成目标 2、正念领导力教练,致力于通过正念静观,让个人更好的关注当下,提升领导力和幸福感。
    Ling Yang Coaching Research Paper 1200 768x768 1

  • Minpreet Jongkeet Minpreet Jongkeet Health Coach, AUSTRALIA
    Oh I have so many! They came with the stages. The beginning was eye opening being a part of the ICA community. The friendships that have formed have been lifelong, and the knowledge gained has been invaluable! It has changed my life forever. Through Peer Coaching I was able to get back to putting myself #1. The Mentor Coaching was scary, and yet had to be done, and then amazing feedback allowed my biggest improvements to happen.
  • Rachel Bloom Rachel Bloom dswdqa
    Oh I have so many! They came with the stages. The beginning was eye opening being a part of the ICA community. The friendships that have formed have been lifelong, and the knowledge gained has been invaluable! It has changed my life forever, through Peer Coaching I was able to get back to putting myself #1. The Mentor Coaching was scary, and yet had to be done, and then amazing feedback allowed my biggest improvements to happen.

FlipIt Coaching Framework.

Created by, and exclusive to, International Coach Academy

FlipIt is a coaching tool created by ICA for our student and graduate coaches. It is based on the idea that the way we see our world is a choice. The same event can happen to two different people and they will respond in completely different ways. The FlipIt framework is incorporated into all ICA programs. 

Coach Education with a Difference

  • learnsite

    Coach Education LMS

    Our LMS (or ‘Learnsite’ as we call it) provides 24 hour access to module downloads, videos, audios, class and lab schedules, curated resources, graduation checklists etc.

  • Coaching

    Private Coaches Forum

    Our forum is a private community with literally thousands of coaching conversations, networks and friendships. And with students across 4 timezones there is always an answer to be found.

  • Business

    Business Building (bLabs)

    We train our coaches to be unique in their marketplace.  The Business Labs are workshop style classes that support you to create a coaching portfolio and signature offer, and learn the best way to get your coaching practice online.

  • PostGrad

    Post Grad. Alumni

    Ongoing access to labs, resources and the ICA Forum after you graduate for your coach development and credential renewals.

  • PeertoPeer

    Peer Coaching

    Peer coaching at ICA is extended learning, and can be counted towards your ACC, PCC or MCC credential application.

  • Model

    Your Coaching Model

    You will create your own unique coaching model. A model that communicates to future clients and employees who you are as a coach, and the problems you solve.