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Accredited with the International Coach Federation since 2004. Short Courses (3 month) or full certification (up to 2 years).


Graduate with an International Designation, and the option to pursue an ACC or PCC credential.

Study Mode

E-learning with classes, labs, peer coaching, private coaches forum.  Learnsite open 24/7.


Option to pay via an interest free payment plan (12 month) or single payment with a fee saving.  

You probably already have what it takes to be a GREAT Life Coach.

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    Coaches need to be highly flexible and be open to change and possibility.

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    Innate Curiosity

    As a coach you will focus on the client and be curious. This often means 'unlearning' the approach of consulting, teaching or telling.

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    Intuitive Change Maker

    Coaches are creative, in the moment and focused on the future rather than the past.

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    The Courage to Look Within

    We teach all our coaches to first try their new skills on themselves. Self coach, then coach others.

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    A Growth Mindset

    Walking in the door as a 'perfect' coach on day one doesn't help your development as a coach, You need to try, learn and practice.

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Image: Feelings/Values cards from the FlipIt Coaching pack

Create Positive Change for Yourself
and Others

We are constantly grappling with change – changes we want to make happen, changes we have to make, and changes that are happening to us.

As a life coach you will work with people on a range of issues but no matter what life coaching niche you choose you will most likely be working with clients on issues such as meaning & life purpose, work/life balance issues, stress & overwhelm, relationship challenges, transformation and new beginnings and personal & professional challenges. At ICA we have developed a coaching framework that helps clients bring about change in their lives and supports you as a coach to be coaching from day one.

Career Pathways

Life coaches work with clients in a range of settings, some in face to face meetings but the majority via phone coaching. This means you are unlimited in your client possibilities - you can coach clients from all over the world. You can also be located anywhere in the world and take your business with you as you travel. Life coaching is an incredibly flexible, rewarding career.

The career paths for life coaches are increasing in all industries as more and more people become aware of the benefits of a wholistic approach to work and life. Organisations and institutions are investing in building better workplace cultures and creating better work/life balance. Government initiatives are emerging that are built around workplace wellness, helping staff do what they do better and with more motivation. In addition to the opportunities being created inside workplaces there is a strong and growing field of independent Life Coaches working wth individuals, groups and teams.

Learn Coach Skills

Many of the skills you will learn as a coach are actually life skills and can be used to add value to everyday life. You will learn the difference between coaching and other forms of “helping” such as consulting, mentoring, training, therapy etc. We also teach you the various influences that have created and impacted the development of coaching, and we cover the main skills and attributes required to be a coach. You will learn the power of releasing judgement, identifying your underlying beliefs and the importance of self confidence.

Flexible Study Options & Program Pathways for Life Coaches

Our programs are designed to grow with you and your coaching goals.

All Our Life Coaches Develop a Unique Niche

Browse the Research Topics of our Life Coaches to get a feel for the range and diversity of coaching applications.

Life coaching is probably the broadest area of coaching and includes literally hundreds of coaching niches such as Relationship Coaching, Parent Coaching, Confidence Coaching, Sober Coaching, Adoptions Coaching, even Pet Coaching. In response to this more diversified market, all our coaches conduct specialised research and develop their own coaching niche and model.

FlipIt Coaching Framework.

Created by, and exclusive to, International Coach Academy

FlipIt is a coaching tool created by ICA for our student and graduate coaches. It is based on the idea that the way we see our world is a choice. The same event can happen to two different people and they will respond in completely different ways. The FlipIt framework is incorporated into all ICA programs. 

Coach Education with a Difference

  • learnsite

    Coach Education LMS

    Our LMS (or ‘Learnsite’ as we call it) provides 24 hour access to module downloads, videos, audios, class and lab schedules, curated resources, graduation checklists etc.

  • Coaching

    Private Coaches Forum

    Our forum is a private community with literally thousands of coaching conversations, networks and friendships. And with students across 4 timezones there is always an answer to be found.

  • Business

    Business Building (bLabs)

    We train our coaches to be unique in their marketplace.  The Business Labs are workshop style classes that support you to create a coaching portfolio and signature offer, and learn the best way to get your coaching practice online.

  • PostGrad

    Post Grad. Alumni

    Ongoing access to labs, resources and the ICA Forum after you graduate for your coach development and credential renewals.

  • PeertoPeer

    Peer Coaching

    Peer coaching at ICA is extended learning, and can be counted towards your ACC, PCC or MCC credential application.

  • Model

    Your Coaching Model

    You will create your own unique coaching model. A model that communicates to future clients and employees who you are as a coach, and the problems you solve.