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Accredited with the International Coach Federation since 2004. Short Courses (3 month) or full certification (up to 2 years).


Graduate with an International Designation, and the option to pursue an ACC or PCC credential.

Study Mode

E-learning with classes, labs, peer coaching, private coaches forum.  Learnsite open 24/7.


Option to pay via an interest free payment plan (12 month) or single payment with a fee saving.  

Accredited Learning, Certification and Credential Pathways

Most clients are looking for certified coaches when they research their options. It's vital the certification has industry recognition and credential pathways. 

The International Coaching Federation is the peak body for coaching worldwide, and "accredits" programs via an application process that involves rigorous external scrutiny and quality testing. ICA's program curriculum has been mapped across core competencies, with faculty, assessment and learning processes all assessed.

In 2004 ICA was the first Australian coach training school to have an online curriculum accredited by the ICF, and we remain one of the leading accredited providers worldwide.

Plan Your Future

It's important to plan a learning and certification journey that not only matches your current coaching goals, but prepares you to future decisions and opportunities.

ICA Certification Pathways

Certification pathways are where one program can lead into another, or where learning credits from partial completion of one program, can be credited to another program.  Because, even the best laid plans, goals, or intentions can change. Your coach education needs to be able to change with you, and with ease.

As an example

You plan to add a coach approach into your workplace and choose a Level 1 program.  But, as you learn more about coaching, you decide to pivot direction and pursue coaching as a stand alone career.  With ICA’s training you can keep moving forward by crediting your level 1 participation or completion towards a Level 2 program.

ICF Credential Pathways

Coach training certification leads to a coaching credential, with credentialing being highly regarded but optional. Too often we are approached by coaches who have completed their coach training only to find that it doesn’t pathway to an ICF credential.  Their choices are limited to not pursing a credential, pursuing a credential via a portfolio pathway (time consuming and expensive), or returning to study and completing Level 1, 2 or 3 training. So, even if you don’t think you will need a credential, keep the option open by pursuing ICF Accredited Training.

Direct Credential Pathway

* Level 1 accredited study (ACSTH) pathways to an ACC credential

* Level 2 accredited study (ACTP) pathways to either an ACC or PCC credential

+ Level 3 accredited study pathways to an MCC credential (but only after completion of a Level 2 program and the achievement of PCC credential)

Do I need Certification AND a Credential?

Clients and employers are looking for certified coaches.  So, yes, you do need a coach certification. It is considered to be a minimum requirement.

However, not all coaches need a credential and the need depends on how you plan to use coaching.  Credentials are highly regarded, but optional.

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Flexible Study Options

Programs are accredited with the peak body for coach training; International Coaching Federation. There are direct pathways between all programs and students may upgrade at any time without losing time or credit points.

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For those who want to study coaching at an advanced level. This study option includes the Professional Coach Program, but with additional business building, group coaching and access to the online FlipIt toolkit.

Certification: Professional Certified Coach (Advanced)

Credential Pathway: ACC or PCC via Level 2

Fees: $11,875 (payment plans available)

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For those who want to be certified, and practice as a professional coach.  Graduates can set up their own private practice, become a corporate coach, or blend coaching with an existing profession.

Certification: Professional Certified Coach

Credential Pathway: ACC or PCC via Level 2

Fees: $8,502 (payment plans available)

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For those who want to become a certified coach, but don't need business building or ongoing professional development.  Graduates hold an internationally recognised certification, with the skills and knowledge to coach anyone, anywhere in the world.

Certification: Professional Certified Coach

Credential Pathway: ACC or PCC via Level 2

Fees: $4,925 (payment plans available)

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An entry level program for those wanting to add a coach approach into their life or workplace.  You will learn how to create positive change for yourself and those around you, using the Coaching Power tools and the ICA FlipIt framework.

Certification: Workplace Coach

Credential Pathway: via further study

Fees: $2,042

Learning with ICA is More
than Just Zoom Classes

You join a community, with lifelong networks and friendships

Online training is often misunderstood as being just a collection of self study resources or a series of Zoom classes. But that's not the case at ICA.  In 2001 we created an interactive e-learning methodology specifically for coaches - a beginning to end training solution that packages synchronous learning with practicum, self study and reflection. Our learning methodology has industry credibility and success, and is one where you as the learner are central to the process.

As a student you will have 24/7 access to the ICA Learnsite; a central hub that holds all the required learning materials, module downloads, video tutorials, curated resources, class schedules (that span all time zones), expert faculty, peer coaching networks, and a private coaches forum with global networks and friendships.

  • Access to all Learning Materials on enrolment (Module downloads, resources, forum discussions etc.)
  • Classes can be taken in any order so you can prioritise the modules that are the most important to you
  • Schedule spans four timezones with classes scheduled around the clock
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FlipIt Coaching Framework.

Created by, and exclusive to, International Coach Academy

FlipIt is a coaching tool created by ICA for our student and graduate coaches. It is based on the idea that the way we see our world is a choice. The same event can happen to two different people and they will respond in completely different ways. The FlipIt framework is incorporated into all ICA programs. 

You probably already have what it takes to be a GREAT Coach.

  • 1


    Coaches need to be highly flexible and be open to change and possibility.

  • 2

    Innate Curiosity

    As a coach you will focus on the client and be curious. This often means 'unlearning' the approach of consulting, teaching or telling.

  • 3

    Intuitive Change Maker

    Coaches are creative, in the moment and focused on the future rather than the past.

  • 4

    The Courage to Look Within

    We teach all our coaches to first try their new skills on themselves. Self coach, then coach others.

  • 5

    A Growth Mindset

    Walking in the door as a 'perfect' coach on day one doesn't help your development as a coach, You need to try, learn and practice.

step 2

Coach Education with a Difference

  • learnsite

    Coach Education LMS

    Our LMS (or ‘Learnsite’ as we call it) provides 24 hour access to module downloads, videos, audios, class and lab schedules, curated resources, graduation checklists etc.

  • Coaching

    Private Coaches Forum

    Our forum is a private community with literally thousands of coaching conversations, networks and friendships. And with students across 4 timezones there is always an answer to be found.

  • Business

    Business Building (bLabs)

    We train our coaches to be unique in their marketplace.  The Business Labs are workshop style classes that support you to create a coaching portfolio and signature offer, and learn the best way to get your coaching practice online.

  • PostGrad

    Post Grad. Alumni

    Ongoing access to labs, resources and the ICA Forum after you graduate for your coach development and credential renewals.

  • PeertoPeer

    Peer Coaching

    Peer coaching at ICA is extended learning, and can be counted towards your ACC, PCC or MCC credential application.

  • Model

    Your Coaching Model

    You will create your own unique coaching model. A model that communicates to future clients and employees who you are as a coach, and the problems you solve.

ICA Coaches Share...

Why Coaching? Why ICA?

  • A few years back I was made redundant from a company that I loved. I was forced to take stock of my life, re-evaluate where I was and to honestly consider what was important to me.  I chose ICA because the schedules were flexible, and the certification was recognised worldwide.
    Ange Anderson (Sober Coach)ICA Coach, Melbourne
      Ange Anderson (Sober Coach)
  • I started to first think about coaching as I floated into my late 40s. I had a great life, but I knew it could be better. I wanted to change how and what I was doing and the more I searched - Coaching seemed to tick all the boxes.
    Julia Griffin (Life Stage Coach)ICA Graduate, Melbourne
      Julia Griffin (Life Stage Coach)