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The concept of “Reframing Perspectives” is an essential coaching skill that helps clients see things differently and, as a result, come to different, more empowering conclusions or feelings about events or experiences. The coach’s ability to reframe a situation for the client can provide a new perspective and, with it, new possibilities. Things that seemed impossible now seem possible.

Perspective is a point of view; a way of looking at or interpreting a set of events. We all have perspectives about our world and the circumstances we find ourselves in. And it’s your perspective that determines your experience in life, not your circumstances. So while we cannot always change our circumstances we can choose to change our perspective at any time.  Download Module

It’s a bit like wearing glasses. If your glasses have a yellow tint, every day when you put them on you will see the world with a yellow tint. Over time you might forget that your glasses are tinted yellow and you start to believe that the world, through your eyes, has a yellow glaze to it.

ICA Curriculum - Reframing Perspectives
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What Reframing a Perspective is not...

Reframing is not about pretending that everything is great for the client. Rather, it offers and invites more and varied ways for clients to consider the problems they are facing and to find new ways to meet the challenges.

Re-framing is not about changing your client’s mind. Instead, it is about creating a shift in consciousness to help them see things in a whole new way. This shift requires that they be willing to understand that there is more than one way to look at a given situation. It’s about opening thought and showing a fuller range of possibilities. It can also be about finding “the silver lining” to a cloud.

Using ICA's Power Tools to Reframe a Perspective

At any given time, we are looking at our world through our own personal 'frame'. How that looks is dependent on the frame through which you view experiences in life. At ICA we use Coaching Power Tools to frame a perspective.

The Power Tools are concepts based on dualities – things that are the opposite of one another e.g. good/bad, empowered/disempowered, negative/positive.They were created from the idea that at any given time our perspective on a given situation or event is a choice. It may not be a conscious choice, but nonetheless it is a choice.

For example, we can choose to approach a new job or relationship with fear and trepidation, or we can choose to approach it with confidence and curiosity. And that choice will affect the happiness and satisfaction we feel.

ICA Students study the 8 Core Power Tools as part of their certification, and then they create their own.  Read More about ICA Power Tools and Graduate Power Tools.


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