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Reframing Perspective and the ICA Power Tools

The Power Tools are concepts based on dualities – things that are the opposite of one another e.g. good/bad, empowered/disempowered, negative/positive.They were created from the idea that at any given time our perspective on a given situation or event is a choice. It may not be a conscious choice, but nonetheless it is a choice.\

Your Sample Class will cover one of the following topics

- Reframing Perspective
- Responding vs Reacting
- Action vs Delay
- Responsibility vs Blame

Module PT01: Reframing Perspectives

Perspective is a point of view; a way of looking at or interpreting a set of events. We all have perspectives about our world we live in, and these will influence how we experience the world.  To “Reframe a Perspective” is to consciously see things differently with the intent of creating a more empowering feeling or outcome around an event or experience.

Module PT07: Responding vs Reacting

At any given point in our lives, we are either responding or a reacting - and there are consequences to each.  Reacting is an automatic response - almost like an elastic band pinging without conscious thought. Responding is an action of choice, and one that creates opportunity and trustworthiness. By responding you focus solely on the situation or issue at hand, take time to consider the options and look consciously at the situation before acting. It often feels better for everyone.

Module PT05: Responsibility vs Blame

In any given situation you are either taking responsibility or you are blaming. The downside of blame is that you give away power and without realising, can position yourself as a victim.  eg. If every situation is completely the fault of someone or something else, then our hands are tied.

Responsibility is empowering.  It's about giving up on the chance of a different past and focusing on choosing the future.

Module PT02: Action vs Delay

Could. Would. Should! Procrastination loves the company of delay.

Bicycles can carry you from point A to point B. However, it’s the action of your legs that creates the motion.

Action or the very act of "getting into motion" is extremely powerful and is the catalyst used in coaching to create change. For many people even though they KNOW what they want, taking steps towards it can be difficult.

Action is the foundation needed to create change in our lives and move forward to achieve our goals. We can spend our entire lives dreaming, thinking, planning and preparing to accomplish our goals, but without action, those goals and dreams will never be attained.

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