Preparing for Your FlipIt Lab

Rethink The Way You Think

Be The Creative Director of Your Own Life

  • To understand the coaching concept ‘reframing perspectives’
  • To experience and understand a ‘reframe’ from a client’s perspective
  • To understand how the ICA Power Tools can be used to reframe a perspective
  • To understand our 'reframing perspectives' relate to the ICF Competencies

Understanding the Coaching Power Tools

The ICA Power Tools are essential for understanding the FlipIt Framework.  Based on dualities they offer opposing perspectives. e.g. good/bad, empowered/disempowered, negative/positive. They were created from the idea that at any given time our perspective on a given situation or event is a choice. It may not be a conscious choice, but nonetheless it is a choice.

For example, we can choose to approach a new job or relationship with fear and trepidation, or we can choose to approach it with confidence and curiosity. And that choice will affect the happiness and satisfaction we feel.

ICA Power Tools
Commitment vs Trying
Responsibility vs Blame
Responding vs Reacting
Truth vs Fraud
Lightness vs Significance
Trust vs Doubt
Action vs Delay
Respect vs Invalidation

Read More about ICA Power Tools

Power tools cards

What Happens in an ICA Classroom

Before attending classes students read a module or watch an instructional video.  This is an introduction and context to the learning that follows in the classes and provides for deeper and richer conversations.

In the case of this lab the required preparation would be to read 1

1. Watch the FlipIt Video

2. Read the Reframing Perspective module

3. Familiarise yourself with the ICA Power Tools

4. Download the worksheet so you can follow along in the class

Following classes our students reflect on their learning in their private forum and with their portfolio development. We'd love to hear your feedback and reflections after the class.  You can either post them on our facebook page, our instagram,  or send to

zoom meeting



Prospective students who attend a sample class are able to carry this participation over as a module credit if they continue on to join any of the ICA programs.  Meaning, you can count one class as complete before you enrol 🙂