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Just as coaching is all about making deep and sustainable changes, our learning method is about deep and life long learning. By giving you as much knowledge up front (via module downloads, video tutorials and forum discussion), we can use the classroom time to dig deep into the application of the knowledge. We deliberately structure our classes in a consistent “drip” (ongoing classes, daily, weekly, monthly) instead of a ‘fire-hose’ event (intensive all day, multiple day workshops) to allow for a combination of preparation, real time learning, and reflection.

Your sample class is just ONE class out of our full programs and as such, we have carefully considered it's benefit.  Because, unfortunately, you don't get to experience this class in the context of the full program or the 'drip' method it's a part of.  But, you do get to meet our faculty and students (being the heart of our school) and you will get to learn a new coaching tip or tool.  So for those reasons alone, we consider it highly worthwhile for anyone considering our coach training and unique e-learning methodology.

Connecting is simple. You can dial into a class using your telephone, mobile device (eg. iphone), PC or Mac.

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What Happens in an ICA Classroom

There will generally be between 10 - 20 students in each classes, and although they will be dialing in from many different countries, they will most likely live in a country that has the same time zone as you.  You will also find they are often at the same learning level. For example: if you are a new student joining a 'What is Coaching' class then there will most likely be other new students in that same class (because this is an introductory module).

A member of ICA's faculty will open the call and greet students as they arrive.  Most people will be on video but this is optional (you can just use audio).  Then the learning begins, and it's up to you if you actively participate or quietly observe.

ICA's Global Classroom

Sample Modules

Prospective students who attend any of the classes below are able to carry this participation over as a module credit if they continue on to join an ICA program.  Meaning, you can count one class as complete before you enrol 🙂