FlipIt - A framework for change

Created by, and exclusive to, International Coach Academy

Rethink the way you think...

We are constantly grappling with change – changes we want to make happen, changes we have to make, and changes that are happening to us.  The same event can happen to two different people and they will respond in completely different ways.  FlipIt is a framework for change created by ICA.  It is available as an online version, or as a physical pack (we mail it to you at no charge).  The applications are endless; for use with clients, integrated into workshops, or around the kitchen table with friends and family.

Step 1: Find It

Think about an issue or challenge that you are having in your life. It might be something new, or it could be a problem you have tried to solve a million times before. Ideally, it is an issue that you actively want to change and that you are prepared to change

Step 2: Feel It

It is important to connect with how you feel about your issue. What is the actual feeling associated with your challenge? Sadness? Frustration? Something else? Pinpoint exactly what feelings are occurring in relation to your problem.

Step 3: Frame It

In this step, you will use the ICA Coaching Power tools to determine the frame you are using to view your situation or issue.  Each Power Tool is based on a duality – e.g. action/delay, responding/reacting  etc

Step 4: Flip It

The final and most exciting stage of the process is to ‘FLIP’ your Power Tool Card and consider the alternative, and more empowering, perspective.  Then, consider...how does your issue change when you come from this new perspective?

We'll send you a FlipIt pack

The FlipIt pack is a bonus inclusion for all students joining our next cohort. You have a choice of either the online version, or a physical pack (we'll mail it to you at no cost).  Value $150 USD.

  • FlipIt Guide
  • Pack of 8 Power Tool Cards
  • Values and Feeling Card
  • Image Cards
  • Worksheets