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ReThink The Way You Think

The ability to shift perspective is one of the most powerful tools we have as coaches.

FlipIt is a Coaching Tool used by thousands of ICA coaches around the world. It takes clients through a 4 step process that helps them identify their current perspective and shift it, or 'flip it' to a new, more empowering perspective.

The best part? It can be used by new and experienced coaches alike. In fact anyone can shift a perspective using FlipIt. Simple follow the steps and use the FlipIt cards.

How Does it Work?

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FlipIt comes with a set of Perspective Cards and a User Guide. The Coach uses the questions in the guide to take the client through a 4 step process designed to shift their thinking.

With absolutely no coaching experience at all you can bring about powerful change for your clients. When you add some coaching skills and knowledge you can use the tool work at a deeper leve.

What are the 4 Steps?

The 4 Coaching steps have been drawn from our coaching curriculum; a curriculum with 20 years delivery and results.

FIND IT Step 1: Find It

The first step to any change it to clearly identify the issue or challenge. By using tools such as photos/image cards you can use right brain or intuitive thinking to identify issues that may have been hidden.

FlipIt Feel It Step Step 2: Feel It

Not everyone is skilled at pinpointing their exact feelings. Using the Feelings and Values cards you can explore how you feel about your issue.

FlipIt Frame It Step 3: Frame It

We all see our issues through our own personal lens. Using the ICA Coaching Power tools you can identify the frame you are using to view your situation or issue.

FlipIt Change Your PerspectiveStep 4: Flip It

The final and most exciting stage of the process is to ‘FLIP’ your Power Tool Card and consider the alternative, and more empowering, perspective. How does your issue change?

The Coaching
Tool includes:

  • 8 Perspective Cards (eg. Trust vs Doubt, Blame vs Responsibility)
  • Blue Process card
  • User Guide for Coaches
  • 32 Image cards
  • Client Worksheet
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Introductory FlipIt Guide

FlipIt is an activity that can be used in a coaching session with your client, incorporated into a workshop or group coaching session, or used around the kitchen table with family and friends. It's a

  • Increase your self awareness
  • Get a feel for the ICA Curriculum
  • Learn how to shift a perspective in less than an hour