Coach Certification for Fascinate Graduates

... with recognition of prior learning


Apply 30 Fascinate CCE's towards your 125 hour ACTP

By combining your Fascinate training with ICA's Coach Training, you will gain the skills, confidence and knowledge needed to coach anyone, anywhere in the world.  You can set up your own private coaching practice, become an organisational or workplace coach, or blend coaching with your existing profession.  Your completion of an ACTP also means you can directly pathway to an ACC or PCC credential with the ICF.

Hours: 125 training hours (including up to 40 Fascinate CCE credits)

Designation: Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

ICF pathways: ACC or PCC via the “ACTP track”

Syllabus and Tuition: Download Here

Develop a Unique Coaching Model

Leverage Your Fascinate Advantage with a Coaching Model that mirrors your passion, beliefs, values and purpose.

One of the elements of our training that we are most proud of is that we teach our students to create their own coaching model.  Fascinate Graduates will have the opportunity to create their own unique coaching model. Often a coaching school will teach or promote a coaching model that is  based on the personal philosophy, passion or coaching model of the founder. But, at ICA we stay away from cookie cutter coaching models. Instead, as educators with expertise in adult learning principles, we teach the frameworks and theories that have influenced coaching such as cognitive behavioral therapy, appreciative inquiry, NLP, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. We look at the background, how it intersects with coaching and how it can be blended with coaching.

ICA's Coaching Community

Coaching is a global profession, and our community spans 92 different countries.  Your fellow students will come from a range of different backgrounds including corporate professionals, managers, HR professionals, yoga practitioners, teachers, health professionals,  stay at home parents and everyone in between – all sharing perspectives and learning.

Our students and graduates create lifelong networks and friendships locally and globally. Download our latest Graduate Yearbook book to find out how ICA Coaches are creating positive change in the world.

Learn to Coach Anyone, Anywhere in the World

The Fascinate CCE's curriculum, as developed by best-selling author, Hall of Fame™ speaker and leading brand expert Sally Hogshead successfully equips Fascinate graduates to coach using the Fascinate® System, tools and techniques.   It also supports them to develop their brand by identify their most authentic personal traits, guiding them around the words and phrases they need to position themselves, and identifying the situations where they are most likely to excel.  All being vital for those wanting to set up their own private coaching practice or pitch their services to a potential employer.

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After reviewing the Fascinate test and training, we felt that a real opportunity existed for Fascinate graduates to continue their coach training towards an ACTP.
– Robyn Logan, CEO (ICA)

The Certified Professional Program takes this valuable learning and positioning a step further, digging deeper into the ICF competencies and provides the theory and practicum needed to coach anyone, anywhere in the world.  You will graduate as a Certified Professional Coach, and have the option to pursue an ACC or PCC via the most direct and economical ACTP pathway.

Our Training Delivery

Since its inception in 2001, ICA has delivered training virtually (e-learning).

Our Certified Coach Program is a beginning to end solution, and is all inclusive - meaning no hidden costs, no unexpected certification hurdles, and full access to our coaching community.

As a new student of ICA, you will have immediate access to our secure online learnsite with curated resources, module downloads, class schedules and forum discussions.  It's up to you when you start and how many classes you take each week.  There are morning, afternoon, evening, weekday and weekend classes (across 4 time zones).

Your ICA Learnsite holds your learning materials

  1. Module Downloads and Video Tutorials (to read/view before class)
  2. Class Schedule (explore the theory of coaching)
  3. Lab Schedule (put theory into practice)
  4. Forum (reflect with your peers)
  5. Peer Coaching (coach and be coached)

Download Program Syllabus


ICA's training has been online, and accredited by the ICF, since 2001.  Our Learnsite has over 20 years of modules, curated resources and coaching conversations.  Before attending classes you will read a module or watch an instructional video.  Following classes you will reflect on your learning through coaching practicum, course outcomes, forum reflections and portfolio development.