Internationally Accredited Certification 

with Local & Global Networks and Friendships

Certifying Coaches since 2001

As pioneers in online learning, ICA was one of the very first schools to have their e-learning accredited by the ICF.  Our first cohort back in 2004 was students, in 3 countries.   Fast forward to today, and our coaches live and work in over 126 countries, with our programs offered in English, Chinese or Italian.

A sense of connection is created through a multitude of experiences. As a new student, you link in with a generous and supportive group of people who are also dedicated professional and passionate coaches. You will find people who you really “click with” and then informal learning is lifelong and ongoing. The experience extends well beyond just zoom classes.


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Our coaches share one passion - the power of coaching.  Each coach graduates with their own coaching model and niche that showcases who they are as a coach and the problems they solve. Flick through our yearbooks to learn more about how our graduates are using coaching...

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What Sort Of Coach Will You Be?

The one thing that all coaches have in common is that they feel a natural talent or desire to create positive change in their lives, or the lives of others.  But, within this profession there's many different niches and applications.  Take our quick quiz to find out what sort of coach you will be.

'Who will you be as a Coach' Quiz