Tuition Value Pack (Offer Ends Dec 31st)

December is a GREAT month to get a head start on your New Year. 
Choose from a tuition saving, interest free plan or 5 page website.

All Inclusive Value Packs (available December 2018)

We have the privilege of working with members of our wider community, who are about to embark on their journey. New students encounter a mind boggling amount of three letter acronyms (ICA, ICF, ACC, PCC and MCC), but it's the following three letters that should sit at the forefront of their thinking: ROI, or Return on Investment.

Our graduates resoundingly say that Coaching has changed their lives.  The return for their time and investment has been a flexible and rewarding lifestyle or change in profession.  They now choose where and when they work.

For the month of December, we are offering Value Packs that ease both the time and financial investment needed to become a coach.  Each pack is all-inclusive; meaning no hidden costs, no unexpected certification hurdles, and full access to our coaching community. Our diverse and connected community of coaches who will warmly welcome you.

Within 24 hours of enrollment,  you'll be set up and ready to go.  Classes are running right through the Holiday and New Year Period.  You can begin now, or wait until 2019.

Our Training has been ICF Accredited since 2001

All our coach training programs are accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF). Coaching is a global profession and the ICF continues to be the most established and globally recognised peak body. Not only do they provide high standards and competencies for coaching and coach training, clients also want to know they are employing someone who has been through a rigorous training and accreditation process.

The Certified and Advanced programs are ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) or an “all inclusive” training option.  They have a minimum of 125 student contact hours, include core curriculum,  Mentor Coaching, Observed Coaching, Niche Development labs and peer coaching.  Students who graduate from an ACTP can apply via the ACTP track for ACC or PCC credentials. 

The Vocational Program is an ACSTH (Approved Coach Specific Training). It is curriculum that has been accredited by the International Coach Federation and is aligned with the core competencies of coaching.  The Vocational has been packed so that it directly suits the needs of those who want to become a coach or add coaching to their existing career, with the option to apply for the credential of ACC via the direct ACSTH track.

Chat with an ICA Expert

International Coach Academy (ICA) has been delivering ICF Accredited Coach Training since 2001.  Our philosophy and training framework will equip you with the necessary skills to coach anyone, anywhere in the world. 

Book an appointment with a course advisor to have your training options explained, and your questions answered.