Workplace Coach Course ACSTH

Accredited Training for those wanting to Become a Certified or Credentialed Coach and run their own Coaching Practice.

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Add Coaching to Your Professional Toolbox

If you are a manager, a trainer, HR professional or business owner, workplace coaching skills will give you coaching skills and practice you can use in your business.

This training course has a blend of both theory and practical application.  It includes the learning from the introductory Life Design Course, plus Coaching Labs and Peer Coaching.  This is 30 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training meaning it meets the criteria for those wanting to pursue accreditation via the portfolio pathway or upgrade to ICA's Certified Professional Coach Program.

Program Hours: 30 hrs
Learnsite Access: Up to 6 months
Certificate: Workplace Coach (30 hrs ACSTH)
ICF Pathway: ACC credential via the Portfolio pathway with further study.

Course Area: Foundation Coach & Coach Skills (3 hrs)

You will learn the fundamentals of coaching, including the difference between coaching and other forms of “helping” such as consulting, mentoring, training, therapy etc. and how coaching can be blended with a range of existing professions and workplaces. In addition there are two core skills you need to hit the ground running as a coach.

Course Area: ICA Power Tools (9 hrs)

Learn the art of Re-framing a Perspective using the ICA Coaching Power Tools - a  set of concepts based on dualitie.  At any given time our perspective on a given situation or event is a choice. It may not be a conscious choice, but nonetheless it is a choice.

Course Area: Coaching Presence (4 hrs)

Many of the skills you will learn as a coach are actually life skills. As a coach, you will facilitate awareness with your clients.  But self-awareness is also extremely useful in many aspects of life (with your children, in your relationship/s, in the workplace, etc.).

Course Area: FlipIt Demo Labs (2 hrs)

You will join a live coaching demonstration where a member of ICA's faculty will put the ICA Coaching Power Tools into action via a FlipIt Coaching Framework Demonstration (Find It, Feel it, Frame it, Flip It)

Course Area: Coaching Labs (8 hrs)

Coaching Labs are 'stop the clock' coaching sessions where you get to practice and observe coaching against the ICF competencies.  You will experience a range of different coaching techniques, and use this to develop your own coaching personality and expertise.

Course Area: Portfolio Labs (1 hr)

People are not looking for generalist coaches anymore; they want specific help for specific challenges or issues. The best coaches don't walk away from their previous lives or careers when becoming a coach. They integrate their years of experience and knowledge into highly crafted, well honed coaching niches.

Course Area: Portfolio Development (2 hrs)

Reflection and Portfolio development to showcase your learning, your interests and passions, and how you will use coaching in your workplace or everyday life.

Assessment: Knowledge Evaluation (1 hr)

We believe reflection is a critical part of the learning process.  Your knowledge evaluation is an opportunity to reflect on your new knowledge and skills, and demonstrate you're understanding of the basic theories and principles that underpin coaching as a profession.

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ICA's training has been online, and accredited by the ICF, since 2001.  Our Learnsite has over 20 years of modules, curated resources and coaching conversations.  Before attending classes you will read a module or watch an instructional video.  Following classes you will reflect on your learning through coaching practicum, course outcomes, forum reflections and portfolio development.