JULY TRAINING BONUS! FlipIt Pack Included (Retails @ $130 USD)

Certified Coach Training (ACTP), with International Peer Networks...


125 hr ACTP as accredited with the International Coach Federation (Peak body for coaching worldwide)


Graduate as a Certified Professional Coach, with the option to pursue ACC or PCC via the “ACTP track”

Study Mode

Study via our online learning platform with theory classes, practicum labs, peer coaching & private coaches forum.


Over 50 classes a week to choose from, giving you the option to fast track (9 months) or take your time (18 months).

Why Coaching?  And Why Now?

As the world continues to deliver constant change people are increasingly looking for new ways of being and doing. It's not surprising then that coaching has stepped forward as being pivotal in facilitating positive change. As a coach you take on the role of advocate, sounding board and accountability partner. You help people clarify their values, beliefs, feelings, and goals, and hold a safe space for them to transform and thrive. Coaching is a profession with portability and a global application - you can coach anyone, anywhere in the world from your own home or office.

No Single Model. No Single Theory.

Coaching as a profession has its roots in many diverse philosophies and disciplines including Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy etc. (just to name a few) and is increasingly influenced today by new ways of thinking, mindfulness, spirituality, brain based coaching etc. So we don’t teach any ONE MODEL. rather we teach you to read and digest a range of models and then we support you to develop your own mode. Its way more powerful and it draws on the expertise you ALREADY have.

We ask you the question - how would you like to coach?  By doing this, you develop and graduate a coaching uniqueness and model that speaks to your future clients and employers about who you are as a coach and who you will coach.

Robyn Logan (CEO), ICA

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The FlipIt Framework

FlipIt is based on the idea that the way we see our world is a choice. The same event can happen to two different people and they will respond in completely different ways. As coaches we know that we cant change the world our clients live in, but we can change how they see it. We also know that some ways of 'seeing' are more empowering than others. Read More