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Your Coach Training (Save Up to $1,435 USD)

The Certified (ACTP) and Advanced Coach Program (ACTP) are ICF Accredited Coach Training.  They offer a complete beginning to end solution, with direct pathways to ACC or PCC via the ACTP track.  Upon graduation you will have earned the designation Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and have the opportunity to apply to the ICF for an ACC or PCC credential (via the ACTP track)

The Vocational Coach Program (ACSTH) is approved coach specific training, which is also ICF accredited.  Upon graduation you earn the designation Vocational Certified Coach and can pathway to ACC via the ACSTH track.

They Include

  • Coach Skills Training
  • Coaching Labs
  • Mentor Coaching
  • Observed Coaching
  • Niche Discovery
  • Portfolio Development
  • Peer Coaching
  • Performance Evaluation (Certified and Advanced Only)
  • StrengthsFinder Exploration (Advanced Only)
  • Coach Supervision (Advanced Only)
  • Peer Supervision (Advanced Only)

All learning is delivered via a blend of LIVE teleclasses, forum discussion and includes opportunities to coach, and be coached.   The schedules have been timed to allow for self paced study, where the study schedule fits with your lifestyle and not the other way around. The learning process is as follows

1. Download and read the course module
2. Dial into a teleclass (facilitated by an ICA Trainer)
3. Post reflections on the forum
4. Complete Course work


With instant access to the learnsite; schedules, course materials, faculty, support, assessment and peer coaching.

Vocational Program (normally $4,980 USD)

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Certified Program (normally $7,315 USD)

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Advanced Program (normally $9,570 USD)

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What Sort of Coach Will You Be?

The opportunities for coaching are expanding all the time. Gone are the days of choosing between being a Life Coach or an Executive Coach. Now you can work for yourself or with a group of coaches, or you can be part of a team of Internal Coaches in a company or organisation.