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Coaching IS Different to Mentoring, Therapy and Consulting.  It involves a dialogue between a coach and a client, with the aim of helping the client obtain a fulfilling life. This is achieved by helping the client establish what is important to them and by clarifying their values. With the client’s input the coach co-creates value-based goals and a plan to achieve them. Through collaboration, the coach supports the client to achieve these goals.

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Many educational organisations are realizing that the old ways of teaching and learning are not working. The days of the teacher standing in front of the board and "lecturing" are becoming fewer and fewer. Instead our training methodology is one where the learning materials and core curriculum modules are available BEFORE class with the benefit being that as a student you can then use the actual class time to deepen your knowledge and overcome challenges.

International Coach Academy's coach training is delivered via a combination of live teleclasses, written training material, video and audio content as well as a lively learning forum.  This method of learning gives students a rich networking opportunity combining live classes with coaches from all over the world as well as the ability to go deeper and share resources and additional learning material in the forum.

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There's no limit to the type of coach you can be and at ICA, we encourage coaches to develop their own unique coaching model and portfolio. This communicates to your future clients who you are as a coach and the services you will offer.