These 5 Essential Coach Skills have been selected from our library of modules as being the key foundations for any coaching relationship. These are everyday tools you can use to add value or create change in your life.  Our faculty are on stand by to answer any questions. So, send us an email and we'll connect with you. Enjoy!

Robyn Logan (CEO)
International Coach Academy

#1 - Put On Your Coaching Hat

What is Coaching might seem simple, but actually we suggest you approach this by looking at what coaching is NOT. (hint - not consulting, not training, not counselling...)

#2 - The Art of Active Listening

Very few people actually listen deeply. Many times in conversation people are thinking more about what they want to say next than what the other person is changing. As a coach you need to develop deep and active listening skills.

#3 - Asking Powerful Questions

Questioning is the cornerstone of coaching. When done well, it is the skill that most distinguished coaching from different forms of personal or professional development.

#4 - Releasing Judgement

Releasing Judgement Merci

We are all judging most of the time. It's natural and even necessary in some cases, but in coaching you need to learn to release this and be fully present to who your client is, not who you think they should be.

#5 - Creating Action

Creating Action Merci

Action is not just about "doing things" it can also be reading, or talking to someone, or thinking. It can be anything that moves your client from where they are now to where they want to be.