Coach Development Planning Tool

Get Coach Fit

Assess your coaching fitness and set goals

Are listening and questioning two of your top strengths?  Do you often find yourself thinking about how great it would be to live the life you love and be a part of creating positive change for yourself or those around you?  Well, it's most likely your a coach and you don't even know it.

We've been training coaches since 2001 and know for sure that pretty much anyone can become a coach.  However, we have also seen first hand that certain personality types and backgrounds lend themselves more to the coach approach than others.  And, we know that no matter how well suited you are to coaching, it's the coaches who PLAN  that are the most likely to succeed.

You should prepare your plan before you begin your coach training, to be sure the path and training you follow is aligned with your end goals.

A tool for coaches starting out on their coaching journey...



Behavioural Intelligence Coach, SOUTH AFRICA

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"Well, there are several. The majority were during my first hand experience as a peer client. The moments of clarity I gained during that process felt almost magical, and were highly empowering."


Transformational Coach, UNITED KINGDOM

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"Many 'failed' coaching sessions had to happen until I really learned the difference between coaching the situation v.s. coaching the client. The difference is subtle but hugely powerful. This single piece of learning significantly changed the course of how I coach, and I hope now benefits my clients too."


Cross-Cultural Coach, SWITZERLAND

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"Supervised coaching and my wonderful peer students. The uplifting atmosphere of presence and the truthful, accurate and supportive feedback were amazing - I will never forget this!"


Life and Career Coach, HONG KONG

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"I love the fact that although it is a global online program, I made great connections, learned from so many different people and actually made friends."


Leadership Coach, GERMANY

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"Each of the facilitators shared some experience, tool or exercise that has turned out to be meaningful and practical for me, so it's difficult to say! However what I'll always remember is Sunita starting off many classes with the question "What's making you smile today?" Wonderful way to bring joy and lightness into my day!"


Executive and Expat Coach, BRUNEI

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"Learning with ICA allowed me to become the person I always wanted to be, to do the things I always dreamt about and to live a life I love. Making the decision to leave a successful leadership career to become a coach was a very daunting one, but with ICA I felt right at home from the start and felt that for the first time I "fitted". I would like to thank the amazing team of people at ICA for their encouragement, validation and inspiring support!"