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Coach Training that focuses on you and recognises your previous learning and experience

Get The Certification Needed to Coach Anyone, Anywhere in the World

Students in Taiwan join a global community of coaches living in over 92 different countries, and graduate with an internationally recognised certification.

Coaching has roots from a variety of theories and philosophies including adult education, positive psychology and organisational psychology. And it can be found in an increasing number of industries and professions. It is not a singular practice. Consequently it cannot be taught as such.

At ICA, we like to plan your exit at the beginning.  You will graduate with the confidence, skills and knowledge needed to coach anyone anywhere in the world, your own unique coaching model and portfolio, and a coaching certification that is recognised globally.

Your learning will includes a combination of Live Zoom Classes, Video Tutorials, Downloadable Modules, Peer Coaching and a Private Coaches Forum.  These are all hosted in our 'online learning centre'. It's up to you how many classes you take each week and how fast (or slow) you move through the program.  The key benefit of this style of training being flexibility.


A coaching model used to coach yoga students in San Francisco is quite different to the coaching model needed to coach Corporate Clients in Taiwan.

When coaching was a new profession, it was perfectly acceptable to simply call yourself a coach. But today the coaching profession is well developed across many industries and professions around the globe and the need to specialize and showcase your uniqueness is increasing.

So, although you will graduate with the skills to coach anyone, anywhere in the world, we also teach you how to specialise.  We will look at your background, how it intersects with coaching and how it can be blended with coaching and then ask you two specific questions;  who do you want to coach?, and how do you want to coach? From this you will create your own niche and coaching model, showcasing your unique strengths, skills and expertise to future employers or clients.



關係教練, 台湾

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"人一生中面對的大小難題, 早已累積足夠的智慧與能力去處理眼下的困境,只是慣性,讓我們也慣性地以為,啊 這我沒辦法, 他可以是他能力好! 慣性地以為一定要把所有的能力都具備了,才能往更高的山頭去,如果, 我能把對爬上更高山頭的渴望深深擁抱,那麼我會去尋找上去此山的途徑, 我會去探訪知道路途的前輩, 我會為爬上山頭準備所有的器材,我甚至會開始鍛鍊自己接受爬山可能需要的體力,同時培養堅韌的意志接受路途上的考驗!我最想对ICA说的话是:谢谢各位导师和同学们!"


績效教練, TAIWAN 台湾

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"當初報名ICA的動機是為了成為一名專業的教練(希望取得認證),可以更有效地協助企業與個人展現績效、活出個人生命的精彩。但隨著上課時間增加,及陸續完成每個作業,我愈來愈享受學習教練知識技術及被教練(成為Coachee)過程的歡喜。當外在的目標變成是對自我發現旅程(Self-Awareness Journey) 後,上課變成一種享受,不由自主地趨策我準時進入教室,並在生活/工作中隨時思考與驗證所學習到的一切。"


Life and Living Coach, TAIWAN

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"第一次課堂練習教練會談時, 讓客戶啞口無言,不知如何接話。相信每個來到教練生命的你可以成就自己, 長成一棵獨一無二的樹, 往下扎根建立生命的根基, 往上生長,找到你的天空, 結出你生命樹的果實,也許是覺知,也許是健康,也許是盼望。相信每個客戶是稀世珍寶, 因為生命的觸動, 你開始了蛻變的旅程, 最終提升自己, 實現你的人生使命,也許是擴展,也許是整合,也許是創新。"


We don't just teach - we specialise in the application of knowledge.

Just as coaching is all about making deep and sustainable changes, so our learning method is about deep and life long learning. There are still many coach training organizations delivering training in the old way, with the teacher up the front lecturing and the students watching and listening attentively. There is very little time for one on one contact with the lecturer and there is little to no time for reflection. We use an online classroom to give you as much"knowledge" as we can upfront - then we work with you on applying that knowledge to your specific situation.

Most of the students in our program have ongoing family or work commitments that influence the time they set aside for study. We totally  understand that and for this reason our programs are flexible and designed so that you create the study schedule that fits with your lifestyle. If you miss a class one week, you can take it another week at the same time. And, if you have to travel or relocate geographically, then you just jump to a class schedule that fits with the new time zone.

Each coach at ICA creates their own coaching portfolio and graduates with their own niche - including Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching, Transformational Coaching,  Systemic Relationship Coaching, Success Coaching, Coaching for Coaches and Life Coaching etc

ICACoach 周 詩穎 Kate Chou Power Tool
(關係教練, 台湾)

當有人問起教練工作內容時,最具魅力 最迷人的狀態,無非是回溯到揭開客戶與之共存卻視而不見的無感區那一幕,教練陪在身邊,此刻 客戶看到了!Read More»

ICACoach 彭琇玲  Shirley Peng Power Tool
(Life and Living Coach, TAIWAN)

廖政次每天都會進入一個情境,那是一個他不自覺也無法自我控制的地方,彷彿那裡的磁場會將他身體裡面所有隱藏的負面情緒完全吸住,他的情緒好像夏日午後的暴雨,在瞬間暴發山洪,淹沒下游的的一切,人或動物都逃避不及。 Read More»

Which School Should you Choose?

Are you considering Coach Training but not sure where to start?  There's so many options with different schools, programs, certifications and pathways.  We asked our community what criteria they used when choosing their school and then packaged it up into a quick checklist that might be useful for you.  Let us know if you have any specific questions.

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