Power Tools for Coaches

24 CCEU's for coaches wanting to expand their coaching expertise and for Professionals wanting to add coach skills to their portfolio.

The Coaching Power Tools are unique to International Coach Academy and form a central part of the Certified Coach Training Program. The Power Tools give coaches and professionals a way to help clients shift their thinking and create a more positive experience. They can be used in any situation and are based on the idea of re-framing a negative perspective and shifting it to a positive one. So take “Responsibility vs Blame” for example… In many workplaces, schools, even families, people have the tendency to blame others when things don’t go well. “It’s not my fault that project failed” or “I can’t learn maths because I’ve missed so much school”

Program Hours: 24  hours
Accreditation: ACSTH (Coach Specific Training), 24 CCEU's (Continuing Coach Education Units)
Learnsite Access: 6 months
Certificate: Power Tools Course

Program Summary

Core Curriculum (9 hours)

Commitment vs Trying
Many times a client’s inability to reach a certain goal is due to the fact that it is the wrong goal! Help your clients work out what they are really committed to and help them to stop “trying”

Responsibility vs Blame
How many people do you know playing the “blame game” This tool helps clients take full responsibility for their lives and make real change

Trust vs Doubt
Living in trust gives us a sense of confidence and security that brings freedom to our lives. It’s that anchor that holds us fast amidst the many challenges that can pull us off our course

Action vs Delay
One of your key jobs as a coach is to keep your clients in action. But it is not always that easy. This tool is all about eliminating delay.

Respect vs Invalidation
It is surprising how much difference a little respect can have. Try this Power Tool out yourself in your own life to see the amazing effects it can have.

Lightness vs Significance
Sometimes there is just way too much significance going on for our clients. This Power Tool really breaks through that and allows a different perspective to prevail.

Truth vs Fraud
Helping your clients uncover the truth and look at what is really going on is a challenging and transformational exercise. This tool helps you do just that.

Responding vs Reacting
Reaction is knee jerk and unconscious whereas responding is measured and calm. You can teach your clients a new way of being and change their relationships for ever.

Reframing Perspectives
Perspective is a point of view. Your perspective determines your experience in life, not your circumstances. The beautiful thing about this secret is that you can choose to change your perspective at any time.

Coaching Speciality Labs (9 hours)

This is where you will develop your own Coaching Power tool.  This unique resource can be used to promote or position your coaching services to potential clients.

Development Opportunities for Established Coaches...


Power Tools for Coaches

A set of powerful tools that can be used to shift a perspective.  ACSTH training eligible for 24 core competencies.

9 hrs Core Competencies
9 hrs Speciality Labs
6 months Peer Coaching
Private Community Forum

$1,500 USD

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Learning Leader Certification

Become an ICA Certified Trainer and get the skills needed to design and deliver workshops or online training.

12 hrs Core Competencies
12 hrs Speciality Labs
Private Community Forum

$1,500 USD

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Mentor Coaching Certification

Join our Mentor Coaching Program to develop your coaching skills, and earn the CCEU's required to apply for, or renew, an ICF credential.

16 Hours Mentor Coaching
- 6 hrs Peer Observation
- 7 hours Group Mentoring
- 3 hours one on one Mentoring

$2,100 USD

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Professional Coach Program

  • 36 CCEU's

For existing Coaches wanting to further develop their coaching, or apply via ACTP track for an ICF credential.

17 hrs Core Competencies
16 hrs Mentor Coaching
6 hrs Observed Coaching with performance evaluation
26 hrs Portfolio Development
12 months Peer Coaching

Pre Requisite
60 Hours Previous ACSTH training

$4,400 USD

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