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For Existing Coaches who Want to Deepen Their Coaching

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The Coaching Power Tools are unique to International Coach Academy and form a central part of the Certified Coach Training Program. Now for the first time ever we are opening these tools up to all coaches. Learn 9 powerful tools for moving your clients through blockages. Get better results and higher levels of success for you and your clients.

Who is this Course For?

The Coaching Power Tools can really be used in any situation. They are based on the idea of re-framing a negative perspective and shifting it to a positive one. So take "Responsibility vs Blame" for example... In many workplaces, schools, even families, people have the tendency to blame others when things don't go well. "It's not my fault that project failed" or "I can't learn maths because I've missed so much school"  The Power Tools give coaches and professionals a way to help clients shift their thinking and create a more positive experience.

Our Students Include:

  • Trainers, Managers, Consultants, HR Professionals

    There are many trainers, consultants and HR professionals already using coaching in their work. They are either adding coaching as a way to get better value from their training, or they are using a coach approach to inform their management or teaching styles.

  • School Teachers, Principals, Educators

    Secondary schools are also beginning to see the value of coaching and we get a lot of interest not only from teachers, but from Principals themselves who often using coaching programs to professionally develop their staff.

  • Health and Wellness Practitioners

    Coaching has always been of interest to the health and wellness industry, however more and more we are now seeing practitioners not just adding coaching to their work, but actually specializing as a “Yoga Coach” or a “Mindfulness Coach”

  • Counsellors and Therapists

    There is a long (and sometimes complex) history between the coaching and counseling professions. Increasingly though we are seeing therapists and psychologists embrace coaching as an additional toolset with which to help their clients

  • Minsters, Pastors

    We get a large number of enquiries from people who want to use coaching to develop and nurture their congregation or community. Our program is non secular and open to all leaders in this area.

  • Military Personnel

    The military have a strong interest in nurturing and performance building and for this reason are often drawn to coaching and coaching programs.

Powerful Coaching Tools to Help You Get Better Results for Your Clients

  • Commitment vs Trying

    Many times a client’s inability to reach a certain goal is due to the fact that it is the wrong goal! Help your clients work out what they are really committed to and help them to stop “trying”

  • Responsibility vs Blame

    How many people do you know playing the “blame game” This tool helps clients take full responsibility for their lives and make real change

  • Trust vs Doubt

    Learn to plan, structure and deliver a short course or seminar. You will practice on real students from the broader ICA community.

  • Action vs Delay

    One of your key jobs as a coach is to keep your clients in action. But it is not always that easy. This tool is all about eliminating delay.

  • Respect vs Invalidation

    It is surprising how much difference a little respect can have. Try this Power Tool out yourself in your own life to see the amazing effects it can have

  • Lightness vs Significance

    Sometimes there is just way too much significance going on for our clients. This Power Tool really breaks through that and allows a different perspective to prevail.

  • Truth vs Fraud

    Helping your clients uncover the truth and look at what is really going on is a challenging and transformational exercise. This tool helps you do just that.

  • Responding vs Reacting

    Reaction is knee jerk and unconscious wheras responding is measured and calm. Youo can teach your clients a new way of being and change their relationships for ever.

  • Reframing Perspectives

    Perspective is a point of view. Your perspective determines your experience in life, not your circumstances. The beautiful thing about this secret is that you can choose to change your perspective at any time.

4 Sessions Delivered via Teleclass (6 hours)

Practice with Peers

As part of this course you will attend 8 coaching practicums where you will have the opportunity to coach and be coached by peers, and listen to others as they do the same.  These practical sessions are as important as the theory to get a good handle on how to use the power tools in a real coaching session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the class schedule +

There are 8 class options per week that rotate so there will always be a time option that suits your schedule and time zone.


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What if I miss a class? +

It is an assessment requirement that you attend all 30 hours of classes. This is made up of 18 hours of core curriculum plus 12 hours of Coaching Practicum or 8 classes.

These can be taken within a 6 month time period giving you plenty of time to complete the course.

How will I access the Learning Material? +

As with all International Coach Academy’s training programs, the learning material is available in a password protected learnsite.  The learnsite includes:

Downloadable Modules (available in pfd and your to keep)

Faculty moderated forum

Teleclass Schedule

Support Hub

What are CCEU's? +

International Coach Academy’s Power Tools Course provides the 18 of the 40 CCEU’s required for the renewal of an ACC, PCC or MCC credential.  These are Core Competency CCEU’s.


A Continuing Coaching Education Unit (CCEU) is 60 minutes of direct educational contact with an instructor.

The ICF offers credentials to individual coaches at three levels: ACC, PCC, and MCC. These Credentials are valid for the three-year period following the coach’s initial approval or latest renewal and must be renewed by December 31 of the year the credential expires.

eg. a credential awarded in 2009 must be renewed by December 31, 2012.

The CCE requirement for certification renewal is 40 CCEUs over the three-year period. A minimum of 24 of the required 40 CCEUs will relate to ICF Core Competencies. The remaining CCEUs will be Resource Development.

24 – ICF Core Competencies

Coach Specific training providing instruction on coaching skills or ethics, or applying technical skills as a coach

16 – Resource Development

Training, writing or research outside of the ICF Core Competencies that contributes to the professional development of the coach.

Source: International Coach Federation, November 2013

What are ACSTH? +

ACSTH are Approved Coach Specific Training Hours.

Students completing hours of an ACSTH must apply for an individual ICF Credential via the ACSTH path if applying for the ACC credential or the Portfolio path if applying for the PCC or MCC credential. Programs must have a minimum of 30 hours.

Offering beginning and intermediate coach-specific training, students of ACSTH programs will acquire practical and theoretical knowledge with expanded opportunities to develop skills under the guidance of faculty.


What is the Assessment Requirement? +

To complete the Power Tools course and be Certified by International Coach Academy, student must submit either

1. Their Own Power tool

2. A case study using an existing power tool


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Let us know if you have any questions about the Power Tools Program or how it fits with your professional portfolio

Kelly Smales,
Community Manager