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Mentor Coaching

The Mentor Coaching Course is an opportunity to apply your learning from other parts of the program. You will participate in coaching role plays and observed by an experienced coach (Mentor Coaching trainers must hold an ACC or PCC credential)

Mentor Coaching includes:

  • To practice coaching aligned to the Coaching Competencies as given by the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • To understand and articulate the coaching skills and techniques used in your coaching sessions
  • To analyze and identify your learning from the coaching session
  • To identify and outline your coaching process
  • To recognize your strengths and nurture them, recognize your weaknesses and  overcome them
  • To demonstrate how you evaluate your coaching session
  • To be prepared for the Observed Coaching Course that you are required to take toward graduation.

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Q: What if I miss a class?

If you are unable to attend a class / a particular module, simply wait until that modules comes around again in your same class time or choose a different class time where that module is offered. You have between 6 months and 18 months to complete the program depending on which program you choose and this is ample time to complete all modules.

Q: What if I can't complete the classes within the time frame?

We understand that things come up in life which take the focus away from Coach Training such as the birth of children, moving, work challenges, illness and other family commitments. This is why we offer the option to extend your training on a month by month basis for $85 USD per month for as long as you need to complete your training.

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 Supervised was a great experience, particularly because of the frequency. It was helpful to have that consistency of coaching and being coached with a mentor to offer constructive feedback, and also nice to hear other coaching styles. I look forward to coaching more clients in the area of career and life coaching. Africa Hands Career and Transition Coach, United States

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