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When you join International Coach Academy you join a rich global coaching community. You will be completing your coach training with coaches from all over the world bring a rich and diverse experience and preparing you the coach globally.  The friends and network you create are priceless.  We are so proud of our global coaching community and its one of the key benefits of training to become a coach with International Coach Academy.

Can I meet other coaches face to face?

ICA coaches can organise their own in country meet-ups whenever they want.  We have groups that meet every month in Singapore, Taiwan as well as meet-ups in the USA, in Europe, in and Australia.

How is a global coaching community beneficial to me?

You can network and connect with coaches from all over the world within your niche and share coaching resources, join coaching specialty labs and discuss common challenges of coaching within your niche.

You can connect with coaches in your own country on the forum and refer business to each other between niches as well as sharing contacts and resources.

You can form partnerships with coaches from all over the world to provide unique coaching solutions for clients.

And training within this large global community will help you be more culturally aware and understand the communication challenges and cultural context of each country.

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Shuchi Sahai <br/>Transformational Coach, INDIA

The most memorable experience I have had in training with ICA is getting a big sense of belonging with people who have similar beliefs in themselves and life, and are committed to contributing towards a saner, more loving and empathic world. Coaching is a calling: we chose each other. I cannot think of a better time in my life to become a coach, and to use my training and experience to help enhance the life-experience of those who choose to engage with coaching through me.

Shuchi Sahai
Transformational Coach, INDIA

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