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Coach Training that focuses on you and recognises your previous learning and experience

A coaching model used to coach yoga students in San Francisco is quite different to the coaching model needed to coach Corporate Clients in New Zealand

At ICA we don't believe in a 'one size fits all' approach.  Instead, we teach an Integrated Coaching Model, which will be unique to you, and showcase who you will be as a coach

- - Merci Miglino (PCC)

Each ICA Coach Graduates With Their Own Unique Portfolio

When coaching was a new profession, it was perfectly acceptable to simply call yourself a coach. But today the coaching profession is well developed across many industries and professions around the globe and the need to specialize and showcase your uniqueness is increasing.

One of the elements of our training that we are most proud of is that we teach our students to develop their own Coaching Portfolio - which includes their own unique coaching model.  We look at your background, how it intersects with coaching and how it can be blended with coaching and then ask you two specific questions

- who do you want to coach?

- how do you want to coach?

This information is then used to help you create your own unique coaching model.  Your model will

1. Draw on your skills, knowledge or experience

2. Be integrated with one or more coaching related philosophies or influences

3. Showcase who you are as a coach, and what makes you unique

4. Communicate the problems you will help solve and the change you will facilitate.

ICA Coaches living in New Zealand can Coach anyone, from anywhere in the world

Coaching has roots from a variety of theories and philosophies including adult education, positive psychology and organisational psychology. And it can be found in an increasing number of industries and professions. It is not a singular practice. Consequently it cannot be taught as such. 

At ICA, we like to plan your exit at the beginning.  You will graduate with the confidence, skills and knowledge needed to coach anyone anywhere in the world, your own unique coaching model and portfolio, and a coaching certification that is recognised globally. 

Your Training Should Match Your Plans for Coaching

We are often asked 'Which program is best for me?' This is a totally understandable question because coach training is an investment of both time and money and it's important your decision is one that will fit your budget, learning style, plans for coaching and confidence  We suggest anyone joining a coach training program considers the following.  And, if you need help, let us know.  All our program advisors are certified coaches, and ICA graduates.  They know our programs first hand and know which program is best for which coaching opportunity.

  • Plans for Coaching

    How do you plan to use coaching? Did you want to blend coaching with your existing profession? Become a corporate coach? Or, set up your own coaching practice (and need business building guidance)

  • Credentialling

    All coaches should be certified. But, after that, do you think you will need an ICF credential such as ACC, PCC or MCC? If so, then we highly recommend you choose a program that offers either an ACSTH or ACTP track

  • How Much Time Do You Have?

    Do you have a deadline in mind for your completion? And, are you the sort of person who likes to take their time, or do you want / need to fast track?

  • Budget

    Students in New Zealand are able to take advantage of tuition savings. You can either pay in full at time of enrollment (larger saving) or take advanteage of an interest free payment plan (3, 6 or 12 months)

Which Program is Right For You?

Download our syllabus to learn more about the training option that will best fit your budget, timeframe for completion and certification needs.


Choose from morning, afternoon or evening classes (weekday, and weekend options)

Most of the students in our program have ongoing family or work commitments that influence the time they set aside for study. We totally  understand that and for this reason our programs are flexible and designed so that you create the study schedule that fits with your lifestyle. 

All learning is delivered via a blend of LIVE teleclasses and it's up to you how many or few classes you take each week. If you miss a class one week, you can take it another week at the same time. And, if you have to travel or relocate geographically, then you just jump to a class schedule that fits with the new time zone.

Training that is Flexible and Fluid, and Structured

Flexibility can sometimes be mistaken as being unstructured.  But, actually, it's quite the opposite at ICA.   As soon as you enrol, we'll set up a time for you to meet with our Community Manager and using the Graduation Checklist, you will map out a Class timetable that best fits with your schedule.  You then have the added support of a peer coach to help you stay on track and be accountable to your goals.  And of course, our support team is always on stand by to answer any questions you have.

Our Coaches Living and Working in New Zealand Showcase Their Uniqueness

Each coach at ICA creates their own coaching portfolio. This includes a coaching power tool, research paper and unique coaching model. Each coach also graduates with their own coaching niche, with specialisties including Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching, Transformational Coaching,  Systemic Relationship Coaching, Success Coaching, Coaching for Coaches and Life Coaching, and more.

But, the options are endless and we encourage each coach to draw on their previous experience and interests when developing a niche.  Some even choose to blend coaching with their existing profession. 

ICACoach Marian Gibbs Power Tool
(Career Coach, NEW ZEALAND)

A meeting with the boss (or the next one up), presenting to a new group, or even just trying to juggle the mounting workload can push our comfort zone.  Think about the last time you had to do something that tested your boundaries and set your blood pumping. Read More»

ICACoach Jessica Mackie Power Tool
(Life Coach, NEW ZEALAND)

This power tool uses the terms Limited and Unlimited to describe a viewpoint or way of seeing things.  At any given point we may perceive what is unfolding through different lenses. This power tool refers to that “lens” or perspective as being somewhere on a continuum of Limited to Unlimited. Read More»

ICACoach  Ann Brown Power Tool
(Life Coach, NEW ZEALAND)

Expectation is a concept that gets embedded in us at a very early age. Quite often, as we grow up, we hear our parents or teachers expecting us to do certain things. Some examples are that it is expected that we eat our dinner, make our beds, be kind to other people...and the list goes on. Read More»

ICACoach  Nada Stadtlander Power Tool
(Youth & Parent Coach, NEW ZEALAND)

Life is full of experiences, both good and bad and as you navigate through your own personal journey, keeping momentum and forward movement can be hampered by the way you try to make sense of the world you live in. Read More»

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