Clients are Looking for Certified Coaches

81% of coaches who responded to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Global Coaching study 2020, strongly agreed or somewhat agreed that people they received coaching from needed to be certified or credentialed.

ICF Global Study Into Coaching (2020)

When coaching was a new profession, it was perfectly acceptable to simply call yourself a coach. But today, the coaching profession is well-developed across many industries and professions around the globe, and the need to specialize and showcase your uniqueness is increasing. Your International Coach Academy certification will be recognised both Internationally, and locally within Malaysia.

Our Training Methodology

You will graduate from your ICA program with the skills to coach anyone, anywhere in the world. But we will also teach you how to specialise and attract clients. You will also become a part of a vibrant coach community. 

We will look at your background, how it intersects with professional coaching and how it can be blended with your coaching career and then ask you two specific questions;  

  1. Who do you want to coach? 
  2. How do you want to coach? 

From this, you will create your own niche and coaching model, showcasing your unique strengths, coaching skills and expertise to future employers or clients.

ICA Graduates living or working in Malaysia...

What Certification is Best For You?

The Certification you need will depend on how you plan to use coaching.  For example, are you wanting to introduce a coach approach into your life or workplace, or are you wanting to set yourself up with a private coaching practice or take on the role of corporate coach?