Learning Leader

Learn Facilitation, Group Coaching & Program Development Skills

Learning Leader is a popular ICA program designed to give coaches the skills and knowledge they need to set up and run Group coaching, Workshops & seminars, Online training programs, Promotional teleseminars and more.

Generally Learning Leader is delivered as live teleseminars.  However, this option of downloadable modules (with audio) and live classes for Learning Labs is for coaches who already have some training and are confident self directed learners.

Course Curriculum

  • The Power of the Group

    There is a real difference learning in a group versus learning alone. In this module we look at what makes such powerful learning environments

  • Types of Learning Groups

    There are many different types of learning environments including group coaching, masterminds, communities of practice, peer advisory groups, workshops, seminars, even conferences. We look at how they differ and what to choose when.

  • Group Coaching

    This module is devoted to setting up Group Coaching. We look at frameworks and processes and map out exactly what you need to do to set up a group coaching structure.

  • Workshops & Seminars

    In this module we look at how to deliver your unique coaching model or concept via workshops, teleseminars or short courses. The focus is on the delivery of leadership & coaching in different contexts

  • What is a Learning Leader?

    “Learning Leader” is a term coined by International Coach Academy to describe someone who leads groups with a coach approach. This module looks at the characteristics and traits of a Learning Leader

  • How People Learn

    Covers adult learning principles, different learning styles, the notion of  ‘learning to learn’ (what gets in the way of learning) and different cultural learning styles

  • The Learning Space

    What actually needs to be in place to create an exceptional Learning Space?

  • Leading the Learning

    What sort of Learning Leader you will be?. How will you “own the space”, what is your unique style?

  • Good Learning Design

    We have all experienced bad courses! In this module we look at the key elements of good learning programs. How do you make sure that your group will actually get results for your clients/students?

  • Know Your Learner

    This is the very best place to start; your learner. We look at how you create student centred learning and continue to let students drive the curriculum, or clients drive the coaching (WITHOUT making it a teacher free/coach free zone!)

  • Designing Your Program

    In this module we run through the basics of program design. We briefly cover competency based learning and the importance of identifying your learning outcomes. In this module you also get a worksheet to develop your program

  • Creative & Flexible Delivery

    There are many ways to run groups and with participants sometimes located in different countries coaches have to be flexible. In this module we explore teleconferences, group skype chats, google hangouts etc. as a means of coaching leadership.

Workshop with Peers

As part of this course you will be required to PLAN, DESIGN and DELIVER  a short learning presentation. This can be in the form of a Group Coaching session, a Teleseminar, a Workshop or Seminar etc. The Business Labs are devoted to you getting your presentation right and are a great space to brainstorm ideas and get advice from our experienced faculty (who themselves are Learning Leaders)


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