Coach Training Germany

Global Training With Local Connections

Students living in Germany join our Global Coach Training Programs where they develop strong friendships or networks, and can share local and global perspectives on coaching issues and skills.

ICA started out with a pilot group of 20 students (back in 2000)  and a vision to create a global coaching community, with a certified coach in every city. Fast forward to today, and we now host a vibrant and diverse community of over 5000 coaches living in 92 different countries around the world.  We've created an online training experience that is deeper and more meaningful than a traditional classroom, where students learn via a downloadable curriculum, forum participation and live teleclasses. A training model to fit you as an individual.

17 plus years of ICF Accreditation speaks for our Industry credibility...

International Coach Academy (ICA) has been ICF accredited since 2001.  We chose to accredit with the ICF over local based system (RTO & Cert IV) or other global alternatives (IAC, WABC) for very specific reasons:

  1. The ICF continue to be the most established peak body in coaching worldwide, with 25,000 coaches and chapters in many countries around the world including an ICF Chapter in Germany
  2. Coaching is a global profession. Provided they speak the same language, coaches can coach locally or globally.

'A large majority of coach practitioners and managers/leaders using coaching skills agreed that individuals or organizations using coaching expect their coaches to be certified or credentialed.' ICF Global Coaching Study (2016)

Featured ICACoach for Germany

Name: Stefan Lachmann
Program: Certified Coach Program
Status: ICA Graduate (CPC), ICF Accredited Coach (ACC)

Niche: Personality Coaching
Languages: German and English

Contact Stefan: Click here

ICA graduate student Stefan Lachmann is a learning designer, professional trainer and personality coach. He develops and delivers tailor-made development programs for corporate organisations and offers unique learning experiences to individuals. Stefan’s passion for developing people is recognisable in his training designs. “Enjoy your learning journey!” is Stefan’s motto when it comes to engaging participants and clients exploring and developing their unique personalities.

Flexibility is the Key

Classes are scheduled so they fit with your lifestyle and not the other way around.  With morning, afternoon and evening classes you can choose when you study.  And, if you miss a class one week, you can make it up at another time that same week or the week following.

Most of the students in our program have ongoing family or work commitments that influence the time they set aside for study. We totally  understand that and for this reason our programs are flexible and designed so that you create the study schedule that fits with your lifestyle.  All learning is delivered via a blend of LIVE teleclasses, forum discussion and self reflection with many opportunities to coach, and be coached.

Germany friendly time options for classes
It's up to you how many or few classes you take each week, with over 30 classes scheduled (Monday to Saturday) with morning, afternoon and evening classes for students living in Germany.  If for some reason you find you need to take a break from your studies, then we have an enrollment variation policy where you can stop the clock on your studies for up to 6 months.

Program Inclusions and Delivery

Online Learnsite, Live Teleclasses, Peer Coaching, Community Forum...

All learning is delivered via a blend of LIVE teleclasses, forum discussion and self reflection with many opportunities to coach, and be coached.   It's up to you how many or few classes they take each week.  The schedules have been timed to allow for self paced study, where the study schedule fits with your lifestyle and not the other way around. The learning process is as follows

1. Download and read the course module
2. Dial into a teleclass (facilitated by an ICA Trainer)
3. Post reflections on the forum

ICACoaches Share Their Unique Coaching Portfolios

Each coach at ICA creates their own coaching portfolio. This includes a coaching power tool, research paper and unique coaching model. Each coach also graduates with their own coaching niche with our coaches choosing to specialise in Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching, Transformational Coaching,  Systemic Relationship Coaching, Success Coaching, Coaching for Coaches and Life Coaching.

ICACoach Wiebke Kleine Power Tool
(Life Coach, GERMANY)

We often come across the saying “Less is more”. It was probably first used in 1855 in Robert Browning’s poem “Andrea del Sarto”. Read More...

ICACoach Stephen Miller Power Tool
(Executive Coach, GERMANY)

Many years ago I ran across the Greek word arete (ἀρετή). It struck a chord with me, so I made a note of it for future use. When it came time for me to further develop my coaching and training business, I knew that word had to be part of practice. Read More...

ICACoach Tania Wolf Power Tool
(Life Coach, GERMANY)

Designing and molding a plan to fit your goal is critical. However, while tailoring the plan, it is crucial to identify your personal connection to your aim. It is essential to investigate your inner reasons for the existence of such intention. Read More...

ICACoach Alexandra Wang Power Tool
(Life Coach, GERMANY)

When we identify with an externally given attribute, position, or status, we may become attached to it - by claiming exclusivity, and thereby distinguishing ‘my’ from ‘your’ position. Read More...

ICACoaches Share Their Memorable Moments


Life Coach, GERMANY

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"Peer Coaching I highly value the opportunity of being invited into a client's life. Having been trusted means more than words would pay it justice. I equaly value the opportunity of having wonderful coaches accepting the invitation to help me investigating my challenges. Having their support was fundamental for my completion of this journey. I am deeply grateful for this amazing growth."


Life Coach, GERMANY

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"My first coaching session in Mentor Coaching was very spontaneous and unplanned. I had planned to only observe my first Mentor Coaching, but due to a lack of students, I was thrown in the deep end and took up the challenge of being a coach. I was so nervous, but loved it."


Life Coach, GERMANY

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"What seemed to be the biggest threat turned out to be the most memorable and significant moment of learning during my training with ICA: The Observed Coaching was mind-blowing. The detailed and sharp feedback we got there built such a great foundation for learning, understanding, and fine-tuning our practical skills. It was simply impressive how well Coaching Skills were applied on us by our Mentor Coach during the whole process, too. She came into the sessions as a real role-model for us. During the Observed Coaching Process, I noticed the growth that has happened in my life and coaching practice during my time with ICA. Thank you!"


Leadership Coach, GERMANY

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"My most memorable moment of training was, when I identified the theme of my research paper: Business Change Management and Individual Change Management. The work on this let me understand the tremendous amount of parallelity of both change approaches and that coaching is a beneficial tool for them. This encouraged me finally to now start to build my coaching profession."


Leadership Coach, GERMANY

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"Each of the facilitators shared some experience, tool or exercise that has turned out to be meaningful and practical for me. I'll always remember one trainer starting off many classes with the question "What's making you smile today?" Wonderful way to bring joy and lightness into my day!"


Cross-Cultural Coach, GERMANY

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"Advanced supervised coaching brought me a group that was so extraordinary that I have never felt more supported than there. The whole journey with ICA was fantastic and helped me empower myself. A big thank you to all at ICA for this fantastic opportunity."

Sample a Module or Live Class

Our training offers a unique blend of downloadable modules, video tutorials, live classes, learning labs, forum participation and coaching practicum.

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