FlipIt Facilitation

Continuing Education for Certified Coaches


FlipIt Facilitator
180 Degree Coaching Framework


9 hours core competency

Study Mode

Online learning with classes, labs, peer coaching and private coaches forum.

Pre Requisite

Previous completion of an ACSTH, ACTP or equivalent,

180 Degree Coaching Framework for Positive Change

We are constantly grappling with change – changes we want to make happen, changes we have to make, and changes that are happening to us.

FlipIt is a simple tool that anyone can use.  However, coaches who are skilled and practiced with active listening, evoking awareness and facilitating growth will use it at a deeper level as they work with their clients to identify where or why they are stuck, what they want or need, and how to move forward to achieve their goals.


Hours: 9 Hours
Learnsite Access: 3 months
Certification: FlipIt Facilitator
CCE: 9hr Core Competency
Pre Requisite: Completion of at least 60 hours ACSTH or ACTP Coach Certification (or equivalent)


  • FlipIt Pack
  • FlipIt Lab
  • Coaching Power Tool Labs
  • 9 Core Competency CCE's

In each lab you will learn how to facilitate change using the Flipit framework using the ICA Coaching Power Tools. Each one being a duality  e.g. good/bad, empowered/disempowered, negative/positive. Read more

Program Structure

Our online Learning platform is open 24/7 meaning you connect with your learning when it suits you best

This program includes a set number of training hours but there's flexibility within the structure. The module downloads, portfolio work and forum postings can all be completed in your own time. Classes and Labs are scheduled at set times, with morning, afternoon, evening, weekday and weekend options.

Introductory FlipIt Download

  • Increase your self awareness
  • Get a feel for the ICA Curriculum
  • Learn how to shift a perspective in less than an hour