Firstly, a BIG Welcome to your CoachCampus

You have arrived here because you have joined one of our programs but are yet to finalised your tuition.  If you have chosen bank transfer or paypal, then our team will issue you an invoice in the next 48 hours.   Then as soon as your tuition is receipted, we'll get you set up with logins to the learnsite.

In the meantime, here's some information that might useful in planning out a study schedule

  1. Download Program Overview
    This document has a brief overview of your program requirements and inclusions. It shows the breakdown of classes, labs, portfolio development, coaching practicum and assessment.
    Click here
  2. Your Schedule
    Consider your current life or work commitments. How much time will you have to study, when do you want to study, what can be moved around, what can’t be moved around. What days work best for you to take classes, what days are best for you to work on your portfolio.
  3. Graduation Goal
    All programs have a membership period for learnsite access and graduation. But, it’s possible to fast track (no charge) or even take longer (fees apply). For the purpose of your study schedule, pick a graduation time frame that will best suit your coaching goal.