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Viya Chen

Viya Chen, Strategy Director (Asia)

ICA has been delivering online coach training since 2001 and has thousands of graduates in over 126 countries.  The information and tools below are resources our prospective students most commonly request as part of their coach education research.

Our programs range from short coaching skills courses to comprehensive ICF accredited programs - the best program to choose is the one that will best match your plans for coaching.  If you're unsure which program is best for you, or have questions, please book a 30 minute, 1-on-1 consultation.

The ICA curriculum has been accredited by the ICF (ACTP, Level 2) with direct pathways to ACC or PCC credentials.  Our training is 'all inclusive', meaning no unexpected financial or certification hurdles and full access to our coaching community.
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When choosing a school, begin with quality and reputation (eg. are they accredited?).  Then consider what makes one school different to another school (personality, values, community and curriculum etc) and how this fits with your learning style.
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All learning is delivered via a blend of online classes and labs, forum discussion and self reflection, with many opportunities to coach, and be coached. It's up to you how many or few classes you take each week with weekday and weekend options.
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The applications for coaching are endless and include corporate coaching, professional coaching (set up your own private practice) or blended coaching (add coaching to your existing profession. Who will you be as a coach?  Take the Quiz

It's important your program matches your coaching goals, budget and time frame for completion.  Then there is certification and credentialing to consider. If you're unsure, or have any questions, please book a program consultation.