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Coaching Skills & Knowledge

Coach Foundation

In this course we cover the fundamental aspects of being a coach. You will learn the difference between coaching and other forms of “helping” such as consulting, mentoring, training, therapy etc. We also teach you the various influences that have created and impacted the development of coaching, and we cover the main skills and attributes required to be a coach Finally, in this introductory course we cover one of the skills central to your success in the whole program – self-directed learning. People are naturally creative and resourceful, and are always in charge of their own learning. The quality of the inquiry, curiosity and questions that you bring, and how you choose to engage the high quality content we will deliver to you; these will strongly impact not only your study experience, but your actual learning outcomes.

You Will Learn:

  • Key philosophies, theories and movements that have influenced coaching
  • An introduction to coaching models
  • The key features of the ICA Coaching Model
  • The core coaching skills required to conduct a coaching session
  • How to structure your personal learning program and get the most out of your ICA training.
  • The definition and role of the ICF competencies
  • Legal or ethical issues you may encounter and strategies for risk reduction


* This course is part of our Accredited Coach Training Program and not sold separately

Life Design

lifedesign1Many of the skills you will learn as a coach are actually life skills. For example, let’s take Creating Awareness. This is a core skill for coaches. You need to be able to support your clients to create awareness and help them to identify what is actually going on for them under the surface of their ‘story’. But this skill, self-awareness, is also extremely useful in many aspects of life (with your children, in your relationship/s, in the workplace, etc.). The skills found in these modules might even end up being skills you actually “teach” your clients.

You Will Learn:

  • to identify your own values and life purpose
  • the importance of awareness and how to create more of it your life and your clients’ lives
  • how to identify your underlying beliefs
  • strategies to improve your confidence
  •  the role of judgment in coaching and strategies to remain judgment-free during coaching sessions
  • how to create your own learning & development plan


* This course is part of our Accredited Coach Training Program and not sold separately.

Coach Skills


Coach Skills is a collection of the core skills you need to hit the ground running as a coach. Although many of these skills can be used in many other contexts (teaching, managing, parenting etc.) in this course you will learn how to specifically apply them to a coaching setting. The skills taught in this course will give you the confidence to coach anyone, anywhere, anytime.

You Will Learn:

  • how to listen like a coach
  • how to ask powerful coaching questions
  • how to set up structures for your clients
  • how to assist your clients to create a vision or action plan
  • the power of acknowledgement
  • how to keep clients accountable
  • how to create trust in a coaching context



Advanced Coach Skills


This course teaches you advanced coaching skills to be used in conversations to move to a deeper level. It is assumed that you have an established knowledge of coaching and are looking for new and deeper ways to impact the lives of your clients.

You Will Learn:

  • how to deepen your coaching conversation
  • when and how to use advanced strategies like creativity and gratitude
  • the importance of concepts such as intent and diversity


 * This course is part of our Accredited Coach Training Program and not sold separately.


Frameworks & Theories


This course provides an introduction and understanding of the often complex theories relating to coaching. Here you will discover some of the key theories and philosophies that have influenced coaching, and still do. You will also learn how each of these theories intersects with coaching and how coaches can blend them with their coaching models and practices


You Will Learn:

  • The main principles of key theories that have influenced coaching
  • How to apply and use these theories in conjunction with coaching
  • The roots of coaching as a methodology & as a profession


* This course is part of our Accredited Coach Training Program and not sold separately.

Coaching Development

Power Tools


The ICA Power Tools ™ are famous the world over. Created over 10 years ago, they are a set of distinctions or viewpoints you can use to shift your clients from a disempowering perspective to an empowering perspective. Only available and taught at International Coach Academy, you will find that you keep coming back to these modules again and again throughout your studies.

You will learn:

  • how to reframe a perspective
  • how to assist your clients to identify disempowering perspectives
  • how to shift a client from a disempowering perspective to an empowering perspective
  •  how to use the ICA Power Tools™ in a coaching context


* This course is part of our Accredited Coach Training Program and not sold separately.

Client Management

Good client management can make or break a coach’s practice. In this course you will learn the essentials of client management as well as strategies for dealing with challenging clients.
You will learn the three stages to the client contact, or the “agreement” you have with a coaching client.

You will learn:

  • how to set up client expectations
  • how to measure and receive feedback from clients
  • how to establish a coaching agreement
  • how to manage difficult or challenging clients

* This course is part of our Accredited Coach Training Program and not sold separately.

Peer Coaching


There are two components to the Peer Coaching Course; coaching and being coached. In many ways this is one of the most powerful parts of the program. It is the place where theory meets practice, where you can implement and apply the many skills and tools you will learn.

As a coach you will have the opportunity to practice the many coaching skills you learn in the program. Then, with the feedback you receive from your client together with our own reflection you have the ability to enter a cycle of continuous improvement.

You will practice:

  • Establishing a coaching agreement
  • Conducting and structuring a coaching session
  • How to move clients forward
  • How to identify and remove challenges
  • How to complete a coaching agreement


* This course is part of our Accredited Coach Training Program and not sold separately.



The iCoachPortfolio ™ course provides insight that will help your coaching come alive. It is where you really begin to explore who you are as a coach. No two coaches are alike; each coach has his or her own personal style, distinct professional background and particular combination of skills and knowledge outside of coaching.

In this course you will create your own Coaching Model, your own Power Tool; your own Coaching Voice. All these items then go together to make up your very own Coach Portfolio.

You Will Learn:

  • how to create your own Power Tool™
  • how to create your own iCoachModel™
  • how to find your authentic ‘voice’ as a professional coach

icoachportfolio modules

Advanced Portfolio

Advanced Portfolio

Course Summary

This is an advanced workshop designed to support you in creating high quality coaching materials. You will receive mentoring and advice from our faculty and have the opportunity to workshop your coaching portfolio with your peers. The materials you develop in this workshop will be ‘publish-ready’.

Learning Outcomes:

  • how to assess the readability and usability of your Power Tool
  • how to crystallize and simplify your coaching model
  • how to create and develop work that supports your authentic coaching voice
  • how to produce work people want to see/hear/read

Advanced Coach Portfolio

* This course is part of our Accredited Coach Training Program and not sold separately (click here for full Program Summary)

Practice & Supervision




The Coaching Practicum workshops give you an opportunity to apply what is learned in the coach skills training classes and experience actual coaching.

You Will Learn:

  • to practice coaching aligned to the International Coach Federation competencies
  • to understand and articulate the coaching skills and techniques used in your coaching sessions
  • to analyze and identify your learning from the coaching session
  •  to identify and outline your coaching process
  • to recognize your strengths and nurture them, recognize your weaknesses and overcome them




 supervisedThe Supervised Coaching classes are the place where you showcase your coaching skills, learned and gathered during the program. You will increase your coaching mastery as you coach and listen to your peers coaching.

You will also be observed by a Professional or Master Certified Coach, who will give you effective feedback to further support your growth as a professional coach and will also assess you against the ICF competencies.

You Will Learn:

  • how to coach at a high level
  • insights from observing advanced level coaching
  • confidence in your developing coaching style and skills



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