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ICA has been training coaches since 2001 and offers a vibrant and connected community of over 4000 coaches. We chose to align ourselves with the ICF because coaching is a global profession. The ICF continues to be the most established and globally recognised peak body. Clients want to know they are employing someone who has been through a rigorous training and accreditation process.

Robyn Logan CEO & Founder


Live Teleclasses, Private Coaches Forum & Resource Rich Learnsite

Within 24 hours of enrollment, we get you set up in our unique learnsite. This includes downloadable modules, live class schedules, assessment, student forum, learning resources and support. All contents of the learnsite are available to you for the period of your program membership.

Program Delivery
All learning is delivered via a blend of LIVE teleclasses, forum discussion and self reflection with many opportunities to coach, and be coached.   It's up to you how many or few classes they take each week.  The schedules have been timed to allow for self paced study, where the study schedule fits with your lifestyle and not the other way around. The learning process is as follows

1. Download and read the course module
2. Dial into a teleclass (facilitated by an ICA Trainer)
3. Post reflections on the forum

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Showcasing our Graduate's Coaching Power Tools

Arrogance vs. Humility
Rosie Kropp
Executive Coach,
United Arab Emirates

Consistency and Randomness
Samar Naim
Life and Executive Coach,
United Arab Emirates

Get Certified via Accredited Study Options

All our programs align with the International Coaching Federation accreditation and credentialing pathways. From short courses with CCE's or ACSTH hours right through to full ACTP programs.

We also offer pathways for coaches who have completed ACSTH hours elsewhere and are looking for either an ICF credential or an ACTP program.

1. Core Coach Training mapped across ICF competencies
2. Coach Development includes Mentor and Observed Coaching
3. Portfolio Development to identify you as a coach
4. Peer Coaching where you get to practice being a coach and a client
5. Assessment designed to celebrate and showcase your achievements and identify you as a coach with your own niche and unique model

Match Your Coaching Plans with a Coaching Program...


Coach Skills Training

Approved Coach Specific Training for those wanting coaching skills to add to an existing skillset or towards becoming a certified coach

  • 6 months Access

16hrs Core Competencies

$1,020 USD

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Vocational Coach Program

Approved Coach Specific Training for those wanting to specialise in their niche.  Direct ASCTH pathway for ACC credential

34 hrs Core Competencies

12 months Peer Coaching

11 hrs Portfolio Creation

22 hrs Coach Development

$4,400 USD

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Most Popular Program


Certified Coach Program

Accredited Coach Training to become a Certified Professional Coach (CPC).  Direct ACTP pathway to ACC or PCC credential.

68 hrs Core Competencies

18 months Peer Coaching

25 hrs Portfolio Creation

32 hrs Coach Development

$6,650 USD

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Advanced Coach Program

Accredited Training program to become a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) with your own coaching business.  Direct ACTP pathway to ACC or PCC credential

68 hrs Core Competencies

24 Months Peer Coaching

25 hrs Portfolio Creation

49 hrs Coach Development

10 hrs Business Development

$8,700 USD

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Find the Right Program for You...

Q. How Will You Fit Study Into Your Schedule?

There is a long standing idiom in the consulting/business world. You can have any TWO of these THREE things; Time, Money, Quality. And, that if you want a high quality product really fast, it will be expensive. Or if you want it fast AND cheap then be prepared for a quality drop.

At ICA we can proudly say we have managed all three.   

1. We offer a very high quality program, one that is not only designed by specialist coach educators, but one that is also highly regarded in the Coaching industry.

2. Our flexible payment plans mean you pick the option most affordable for you

3. Our schedule means that you choose how fast or slow you move through the programs.

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Day in The Life of a Coach

Find out how our graduates are using coaching...

Samar Naim on Why She Tells
Her Clients to Be SELFISH
Samar Naim,
Life & Executive Coach