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    Graduation Extension

    Continue your connection, or extend your study period.

Pay by the month, and cancel at anytime

It's not uncommon for life to take a different direction to the one you had planned, meaning you needed to pause your studies unexpectedly and now find that your program membership has expired. The good news is that you can jump back in and we'll get you set up in either the same program, or one that is similar in hours and certification.  Download the program overview to view current program options.


  • You must have been enrolled in an ACSTH or ACTP
  • Your original tuition must have already been paid in full
  • You must have formal records of your program participation (or the hours you are seeking credit for)

Your Program Expired MORE than 12 months ago...

Where possible, you will reenter your existing program.  However, if that program has been replaced with a new curriculum we will transition you into a study pathway that is similar in hours and certification.

$700 AUD Set Up
and then $150 AUD monthly

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Your Program Expired LESS than 12 months ago

If your program access has expired in the last 12 months, or is about to expire, then you can extend on a month by month basis for the purpose of completion and graduation.

No Set Up Fee
$150 AUD monthly

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