Professional Coach Skills

Face to Face training to learn coaching skills and tools for managers & team leaders that you can apply to any professional or personal setting.

More and more people are wanting to integrate coach skills into their current professions.  It makes sense. The days where someone would study only once for the sole purpose of getting a job, are pretty much gone.  Today, people need to be lifelong learners, continually looking at how to add value and stay ahead in their profession.

Program Hours: 16 hrs
Peer Coaching Hours: As a client
Certificate: Professional Coach Skills (ACSTH)

Local Coach Training with a Global Network of Coaches

    16 hours over 2 days

    For each module in the core coach training curriculum there is a downloadable PDF. These modules are mapped against ICF Core competencies and will give you the theory, knowledge and tools you need to build your practical expertise.

    unlimited for 3 months

    One of the most important components of coach training is coaching practicum. With peer coaching you have the chance to experience being a client, and learn from the skill and expertise of your student coach.

    Case Study

    As part of your coach training you will get to research an aspect of coaching in depth and share it as a case study.  This is a chance to explore who you are as a coach and share your learning with your peers.


    Face to Face learning will be held over 2 days for the delivery of the core curriculum.  This will be in Romanian, with module downloads available in English.


    Coaching is a global profession, and so too is ICA’s coaching community.  With over 4500 students and graduates in 92 different countries, there’s opportunities to build friendships and networks both locally and globally.


    Our support team has been with ICA for over 10 years, so they know our community and our programs inside out.  They are experts in making sure you have what you need and will partner you from the moment you enrol, through until you graduate.

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Serban Chinole (PCC), Coach,Trainer and Facilitator ....

Serban is a professionally trained coach (CPC) with extensive business experience in both the US and Romania. Serban is Past President of the International Coach Federation in Romania 2009-2013 and has been delivering coach training in partnership with ICA for several years.  Find Out More iConsultants Romania

Interview with Romanian Student, Madalina Dubiczki (CPC)

When I joined the ICA Balkans school, I didn’t have too many insights about what coaching is and does. The zillion of articles on this on the net and the reluctance of those being coached to talk about it, given its personal nature, makes it seem shallow and sound like a corporate benefit you get whether you like it and need it or not.  Read More

Madalina Dubiczki (CPC)
Madalina Dubiczki (CPC) ICA Balkans Graduate

Professional Coach Skills Curriculum Includes 16 Core Modules

This weekend workshop will include 16 Core Curriculum modules. These have been taken directly from our ICF Accredited  Coach Training Program (ACTP) and will teach you a skill you can immediately integrate with your life or current profession.  Upon completion of all 16 modules you will be issued with a Coach Training Certification for 16 Accredited Student Contact Hours (ACSTH). Access to ICA's private coaches forum and peer coaching will then give you international networking opportunities and practical insights into the coaching process.

The following modules are from the Professional Coach Skills workshop and are yours to download and keep.

Module 1: What is Coaching?

Coaching blends the best concepts from business, psychology, philosophy, sports and spirituality. Although coaching combines skills from other disciplines, it is a distinct process of supporting others to create an ideal life. Download the coach training module for free.

Module 2: Reframing Perspectives

Coaching blends the best concepts from business, psychology, philosophy, sports and spirituality. Although coaching combines skills from other disciplines, it is a distinct process of supporting others to create an ideal life. Download this coach training module free.

The remaining workshop modules include

  • Coaching Models
  • ICF Competencies
  • Coaching Influences
  • Power Listening
  • Powerful Questions
  • Creating Trust
  • Creating Action
  • Releasing Judgement
  • Effective Feedback
  • Confidence
  • Respect vs React
  • Action vs Delay
  • Mentor Coaching (2 Classes)

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