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Coach Training (Chinese)


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电话课堂是你作为ICA学生所能感受到的最贴切的体验。灵活的时间,开放的学习,多样的交流,深度的探讨,丰富的资源,这就是ICA的教练学习。授课导师 是ICA毕业的资深教练,你将处于一个来自世界各地的未来教练们组成的小班教学氛围中。登陆我们网站以后,你将看到我们内部学员的学习资料。
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Coach Training (Bilingual)

Advanced Coach Training (ACTP)

152 hrs Core Training | 24 hrs Supervision | 100 hrs Peer Coaching
Aligned with the ICF ACTP pathway.
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Certified Coach Training (ACTP)

126 hrs Core Training + 18 hrs Supervision + 60 Peer Coaching
Aligned with the ICF ACTP pathway
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Certified Coach Training (ACSTH)

72 hrs Core Training +12 hrs Supervision +30 hrs Peer Coaching
Aligned with ICF ACTP pathway
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…. we teach a BLENDED Coaching Model at ICA.

So we take who you are and what you know and blend it with a combination of coaching philosophies and disciplines to create a model that is UNIQUELY yours and will work in your market.

Robyn Logan, CEO & Founder

Program Features

  • Flexibility

    We run over 70 teleclasses a week across 4 timezones to cater for our diverse student body. This is one of the reasons our programs are so popular with Expats and people who move often. The global schedule is also great if you want to combine study with work.

  • Certification Choices

    Our programs are accredited with the International Coach Federation (ICF). so not only do you receive a certificate from us, you are also able to apply for credential with the ICF via the ACTP path (MCC, PC, ACC)

  • Unique Content

    All students at ICA create a body of work including a Coaching Model , a Coaching Power Tool and a Research Paper. All these are unique to you and are published on the ICA blog. They also provide you with strong marketing materials to help build your business or practice.

  • Multiple Niches

    ICA offers specialization in more niches than any other coach training school. Discover your coaching niche by joining one (or more) of our Specialist Coaching Groups.  Share tips and resources with other expert coaches ion our monthly coaching group calls.

  • International Forum

    ICA is host to a private student forum with coaches from over 90 countries around the world. Deepen your learning & network with coaches from all many different industries.  Many of our graduates actually form business partnerships with colleagues they connected  with in our forum.

  • Get Your Own Coach

    We believe that to be a coach, its important to experience being coached. When you enrol in a program at ICA you get automatic entry to our Peer Coaching Forum. And it is a requirement of the program that you coach for a certain number of hours and be coached. This is just one of the many benefits of coach training with ICA.

  • Promotional Opportunities

    We take every chance we get to promote our coaches.  Not only do we publish all graduates Power Tools and Coaching Models on our blog, but we also publish a Graduate Yearbook profiling our coaches, their niches and their work.

  • Mentoring & Supervision

    Mentor Coaching and Coach Supervision are increasingly popular for advanced coaches. To really develop your skills to a high level you need to be mentored by experienced qualified coaches, and in order to grow your practice you need a sounding board for client issues and challenges.

  • Flexible Payment Options

    We want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to study to change people’s lives so we have a number of flexible payment options to make it affordable for most.