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Join a Community of 4500 coaches from 92 different countries

Students have a choice of attending Teleclasses (English), small face to face study groups (Romanian) or a combination of both (Bilingual). All are Approved Coach Specific Training with the choice of CCE, ACSTH and ACTP certification options.

Many educational organisations are realizing that the old ways of teaching and learning are not working. The days of the teacher standing in front of the board and "lecturing" are becoming fewer and fewer. Instead our training methodology is one where the learning materials are available BEFORE class  with the benefit being that as a student you can then use the actual class time to deepen your knowledge and overcome challenges.

International Coach Academy's coach training is delivered via a combination of the following ICF Accredited Coach Training

  • Downloadable Modules (introducing the topic and concepts)
  • Video Tutorials (key concepts identified)
  • Live Classes (Teleclasses or Face to Face Classes)
  • Private Coaches forum
  • Peer coaching
  • Unparralelled Support
  • English, Romanian or Bilingual study options

Get Some Coach Skills or Become a Certified Professional Coach

ICA has been around as a school since 2001 and was the first Australian based school to be accredited by the ICF. We have been a global school since day one and made the decision to accredit with the ICF over our local Australian based system (RTO & Cert IV) and over other global alternatives (IAC, WABC) for very specific reasons:

- The ICF were, and continue to be the most established peak body in coaching worldwide. With chapters in many countries around the world they offer the most “global” service to date.

- Coaching is a global clients from any country in the world. Provided they speak the same language and can learn how to use www.timeanddate.com there is no reason to service only a smaller, local market.

Traditional Face to Face or Mobile Online Learning

ICA offers a range of programs and study options to suit those who are beginning with their coaching journey through to established coaches who are looking for professional development. All training is ICF accredited and includes

- Core coaching competency
- Niche Development labs
- Mentor coaching
- Peer coaching
- Observed Coaching
- Final Performance Evaluation

  • Local Face to Face Coach Training (Small Study Groups)

    This Romanian language program offers face to face training and is an intensive and intimate learning experience.  Learning is delivered via a series of weekend workshops, where ICA faculty will deliver the training and coach development.  Similar to the English program, students will have access to modules and forum during their study to introduce and consolidate their learning.

  • Global Coach Training Programs (Online with Teleclasses)

    This English coach training program offers a flexible study schedule and class timetable. Students attend voice to voice teleclasses, facilitated by an expert coach and trainer who holds either the ACC or PCC credential.  Classes are attended by students in over 92 different countries, with the opportunity for local and global networks.

  • Global Coach Training (Online and Teleclasses) with Local Face to Face (Study Groups)

    In this bilingual coach training program, students have the choice of joining face to face classes, as well as the online learning and teleclasses.  They also choose which language they would like to submit their course outcomes – English or Romanian.

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Romanian Coach Training Program Leadership Team

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