Accredited Programs for Professional Coaches

Choose from English or Romanian Programs & Graduate
from an International School. Full Flexibility in a Global Community.


International Coach Academy (ICA) has been delivering ICF Accredited Coach Training since 2001 and has developed a philosophy and training framework that will equip you with the necessary skill to coach anyone, anywhere in the world. We truly care about our students and support you from the day you enrol right through to your graduation. 

Accredited Coach Training Program
ACSTH Approved Coach Specific Training Hours

Choose the Study & Language Option That Best Supports Your Plans for Coaching.

Global Study Stream (English)

This study stream is best suited for anyone wanting to become a professionally certified coach.  You will join a community of over 5000 coaches living in 92 different countries.  It's a community rich with diversity, with our coaches choosing a range of niches and coaching applications.   This flexible study option is offered via e-learning and students can self pace, meaning you can take your time or fast track

Local Study Stream (Romanian / English bilingual)

This study stream is best suited to Managers, Entrepreneurs or Career Professionals who want to become Certified Coaches and are looking for local networks and connections.  This is an English/Romanian bilingual program and is delivered F2F in Romania.

Internationally Accredited Training with Local and Global Study Options

The Benefits are Real and Tangible

Our training is a proven methodology for creating positive change.  Your coaching expertise will help you, and those around you, to reach peak performance, maximise potential, and develop both personally and professionally.

- Set Goals and Increase Accountability
- Get more done with increased team cohesiveness and productivity
- Lower staff turnover with improved job satisfaction and enjoyment
- Share the load as you equip your teams or colleagues to take on higher levels of responsibility
- Improve productivity through increased motivation and desire to achieve
- Gain a new respect from your team or peers as you showcase your coach approach

Each month we open up classes from our accredited training (free) so  prospective students can find out what it's like to train with ICA.  It's also a great chance to learn some new coach skills.

Which Program is Best for You?

We are often asked this question and it's totally understandable because coach training is an investment of both time and money.  It's important your decision is one that will fit your budget, learning style, plans for coaching and confidence  We suggest anyone joining a coach training program considers the following. 

  • Plans for Coaching How do you plan to use coaching? Did you want to blend coaching with your existing profession? Become a corporate coach? Or, set up your own coaching practice (and need business building guidance)
  • Credentialling All coaches should be certified. But, after that, do you think you will need an ICF credential such as ACC, PCC or MCC? If so, then we highly recommend you choose a program that offers either an ACSTH or ACTP track
  • How Much Time Do You Have? Do you have a deadline in mind for your completion? And, are you the sort of person who likes to take their time, or do you want / need to fast track?
  • Budget Students in Trinidad are able to take advantage of tuition savings. You can either pay in full at time of enrollment (larger saving) or take advanteage of an interest free payment plan (3, 6 or 12 months)

Unique Benefits

Graduate Testimonials


Executive Coach, ROMANIA

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"My memorable moment was after a discussion regarding what it is and why to create a power tool, when the thoughts triggered by it, inspired me in such a way, that I couldn't stop writing."


Executive Coach, ROMANIA

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"My memorable moment was the first Practicums, where I could see the “results” of a short coaching sessions among peers. I concluded that if we could bring about results after only few hours of coaching training, then once we certify, we will sure be able to have visible results with our customers!"


Life Coach, ROMANIA

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"A live session where I challenged the trainer and it made me confused that he enjoyed the challenge."


Transformational Coach, ROMANIA

testimonial-avatarMy memorable moment;

"No memorable moment, just a memorable journey!!! I have been inspired by many of ICA's coaches and facilitators and I am very grateful for being a student of such a professional team. I want to say a big thank you to my colleagues that shared such great perspectives and motivated me with their talent, especially my peer coaches."

Which School Should you Choose?

Are you considering Coach Training but not sure where to start?  There's so many options with different schools, programs, certifications and pathways.  We asked our community what criteria they used when choosing their school and then packaged it up into a quick checklist that might be useful for you.  Let us know if you have any specific questions.

Download Checklist