B Labs

No Lab Coat or Experience is Necessary

Just Come As You Are.

Whether you've just joined ICA or have been with us for a while, bLabs are just the place to bring your business and get the direction, coaching and support you need. Each week you bring your business to the table and get guidance and mentoring from experienced "been there done that coaches"

Why Join bLabs?

bLabs are a combination of group coaching, mentoring and expert advice. This is a great place to workshop your ideas around your business, find out what others are doing and seek help and advice from the facilitator.

So What can you Actually DO at one of our 60-minute bLabs?

You can bring any issue to the call. bLabs are NOT tied to any particular topic. Want to know where to get started, hear feedback on your website, business card or elevator speech, how to get clients, leverage your existing career or find out more about social media? They are all welcome topics here.

  • Ongoing support, advice and, well, coaching, with a successful business coach!
  • Time to craft business plans, explore niche markets, set up a home office, get a handle on sales and marketing approaches and social media trends.
  • We keep you accountable and give you as much structure as you want to grow your practice right now.
  • And you also benefit from the collective support and wisdom of your fellow coaches, many of whom have business experience in other disciplines and are geniuses at helping others.

How it Works:

Each bLab is 60 minutes and is offered twice a week. You can attend one or both. We will ask for questions and you can either post them in the chat or put up your virtual hand. Members will then be invited to present their business question or challenge. Not only do you get valuable business advice on your own business needs, you also learn from the questions your peers ask (questions that in many cases you might not have even thought to ask, but nonetheless benefit from the learning)


Seven Ways bLabs Membership Will Grow Your Coaching Practice!

1. Defines Your Vision for Your Practice. What do you want to get out of bLabs? Write this down somewhere and refer to it often. It helps you to focus on your objective and the reason you joined bLabs. Results will follow if you stay focused.

2. Leverages the Powerful Support of Others. Just like your ICA coach training experience, bLabs offers you a chance to build lasting relationships with other success-minded coaches within a safe and trusting place.

3. Keeps You Positive and Engaged. There's nothing like group energy to inspire and motivate you when you experience the inevitable setback and challenges that come with creating an outstanding business.

4. Keeps You Accountable to Your Business Goals and Yourself. Do we need to say more?

5.  Ask for and Receive Help. Here in bLabs you not only RECEIVE help but you get to GIVE of your expertise. In the bLabs forum, you will share and explore any challenges or wins you experienced in between blabs as well as offer help.

6. Brainstorm Your Ideas. In bLabs, you get to bandy about your ideas with some brainstorming others. No judgment. No brandishing them as "impractical" or "not workable". We know that from this process will come solutions and creative possibilities; AND a stack of great ideas to work with.

7.  Make a Living Coaching Others. After all this is the bottom line. bLabs can help you get there faster with less stress and more joy. That's the coaching way, right?