ICF Accredited Coach Training

with Local (India) and International Networks


Accredited with the International Coach Federation (Peak body for coaching worldwide) since 2004 with short Courses (3 month) or full ACTP study options (up to 2 years).


Graduate with an International Designation, and the option to pursue an ACC or PCC credential.

Study Mode

Study via our online learning platform with classes, labs, peer coaching, private coaches forum and expert Faculty all on hand 24/7.

Local Program Tuition

Students living in Europe are eligible for up to a Tuition Saving when settling fee's up front at the time of enrollment  Apply Here

ICA's Training is More Than Just Certification...

As a coach you not only need to be certified, but you will benefit from being connected to a like minded community of coaches.  For this reason, our programs are not just about the theory and the practicum, but about connections and reflection. Our community of coaches has been growing and thriving since 2001 and as a Coach living in Europe, you will connect with coaches not only living locally to you, but living in 92 different countries.

When you graduate from an ICA program, you graduate with a unique coaching portfolio that showcases who you are as a coach, and the problems you will solve.  You will have the confidence, skills and knowledge needed to coach anyone anywhere in the world.


At ICA we are unique in both our approach and the length of time we have been delivering our programs online.

Cutting Edge Instructional Design

The team of instructional designers who developed our learning platform in 2001 were amongst the first group of educators to develop and design online learning in Australia. The learnsite is now accessed daily by students in over 92 countries, including Australia.

Inclusive Pedagogy

Our training is designed with adult learners in mind. It is flexible, taught by real world practitioners and aims to provide tangible value. It is also designed to cater to diverse cultural and educational learning styles.

  • Training Consultation

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The first thing you do when you join our training is spend some time looking around the virtual corridors of ICA - unpacking your learnsite, meeting your faculty, meeting your peers, and joining an orientation call. Then using your graduation checklist you map out a learning schedule that best suits your study goals (options to fast track or take your time).  All programs include...

  • Coaching Theory Classes Coaching concepts or skills are introduced, explored and discussed.  You will learn a coaching 'mindset' (as opposed to consulting or training).
  • Practicum Labs The learning is put into practice, with opportunities to take on the role of both coach and client. This includes coaching labs, mentor labs, observed labs, portfolio labs and FlipIt labs.
  • Peer Coaching Team up with fellow students and practice your coaching skills, in both the role of coach and client. These hours can be counted towards an ICF credential.
  • Portfolio Development We'll help you identify your ideal client, and then create a coaching model that represents your passion, beliefs, values and purpose.


Program Selector Tool

ICA's training ranges from short courses (18hrs) to comprehensive programs (150hrs). Take this short quiz to work out the best program for your budget, learning style, time frame for completion and coaching goals.